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New Option from MasterPiece Arms to Add Weight to Your Rifle

The idea of making a rifle heavier may seem absurd, but it makes perfect sense for the long range shooter. Phil Cashin, of MasterPiece Arms (MPA), is an avid long range competitor. Many of the improvements to the MPA chassis systems and accessories come to fruition from the competition circuit. The MPA Weight Tuning System is a perfect example of MPA's long list of innovative, modular accessories for the long range game.

Adding weight to a long gun can help achieve a better balance point of the rifle, as well as reduce recoil. Recoil can effectively be reduced because the rifle doesn't move as much– due to being heavier. This makes follow through and followup shots easier for those high-kicking rounds.

MPA's Weight Tuning System is designed for MPA chassis. You can use all of the weights or any variation for your specific need.

In a press release, MPA said:

The MPA Weight Tuning System was developed for the MPA Chassis and Rifle Systems to give the individual shooter the ability to weight tune his or her rig. This could include the addition of the entire weight system or selected weights for establishing the desired balance points for the setup. This system can be an incredible enhancement to the performance of the shooter who is looking to improve his or her ability to spot impacts through weight enhancement or simply wants to change the balance point of the rifle assembly. 


Included in the Weight Tuning System:

  • Steel enhanced bag rider, 1.2 lb
  • Steel monopod weight, 1 lb
  • Front forend weight, 1.2 lb
  • Rear forend weight, 1 lb
  • 8 Front forend clamps
  • 8 Button head cap screws for the clamps

MSRP: $174.99
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