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New Products — Issue 36

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Zermatt Arms, the maker of custom Remington 700 compatible actions, just released a streamlined version of its popular Bighorn action called the Origin. The new action has many, if not most, of the features of the Bighorn line, but keeps the price down by limiting the number of available options. The Origin is only available in short-action length with options for right- or left-hand, a choice of three bolt head sizes, and a handful of bolt handle choices. Standard features include a new, swept bolt handle, controlled round feed, mechanical ejector, interchangeable bolt head, AICS compatible magazine interface, pinned 20 MOA optic rail, pinned recoil lug, chromoly steel construction, and a nitrided receiver and bolt body. The whole shebang drops into a Rem700 action inlet, accepts Savage small shank barrels, and takes Rem700-compatible triggers.
Make: Zermatt Arms
Model: Origin Action
BOLT HEAD OPTIONS: .223, Standard, Magnum
BARREL THREADS: Savage small shank (1.055-inch – 20 TPI)
MSRP: $825


Looking to add a touch of elegant simplicity to your carbine? Mean Gene Leather has you covered. Its new leather 2-Point and convertible 2-to-1 Point slings are made of hard-wearing 1.25-inch-wide English bridle leather. They arrive already hand-rubbed with leather conditioner for a soft feel and become even suppler with use. The leather is double stitched for added strength, and the hardware is secured with Chicago screws so you can swap the attachment hardware out as you like. For ends, the slings come with either push-button QD hardware or HK-style hooks. Both style slings are easily adjustable for length on the fly and the 2-to-1 version includes the Impact Weapons Components 2 to 1 Triglide Convertible QD Sling Conversion Adapter.
Make: Mean Gene Leather
Model: 2-Point and 2-to-1 Point Rifle Slings
WIDTH: 1.25 inches
COLORS: Black, Brown
MSRP: $80 – $90


It’s a great time to be an AR pistol. SB Tactical presents another option for fans of shoulderless shooting. This guy is a five-position arm brace that includes a standard Mil-spec carbine receiver extension. That means you can skip the use of a dedicated pistol extension and SB Tactical says it has a 2002 ATF determination letter to back this use up. They tell us swapping a standard stock with an SBA3 on an SBR legally reconfigures it, allowing the firearm to travel across state lines without the need to file an ATF form 5320. The brace includes an ambi QD sling socket and a nylon wrist strap.
Make: SB Tactical
Model: SB3A
LENGTH: Adjustable from 6.2 to 9 inches
WEIGHT: 6.75 ounces
Colors: Black, FDE
MSRP: $170


OTTO’s NoizeBarrier earplugs represent the latest generation of in-ear, active hearing protection. Active means the earplugs let you hear everything around you using an onboard amplifier, but cut off sound above a certain level. Departments take note — the big news is the use of rechargeable batteries that free users of the need to keep a supply of disposable hearing-aid batteries on hand. Use the earbuds for up to 16 hours, then drop them into the charging case to bring them back to life. The case offers about 20 charges before it needs a refill itself, conveniently provided via USB. The earbuds have two sensitivity settings: normal and high. The latter is like having bionic hearing. The controls are simple, the earplugs are tiny, weather resistant, and reject wind noise quite well — an Achilles’ heel of similar products.
Make: OTTO
Model: NoizeBarrier
BATTERY: USB Rechargeable
RUNTIME: 16 Hours
MSRP: $360


The DA Hoodie is a chameleon of sorts, acting as a jacket if the temps suddenly drop yet feeling like a comfortable sweater if things get a bit milder. It’s made of Polartec WindPro poly fleece, which lets your skin breathe while still blocking out wind. Plus, the durable water-repellent finish shrugs off light rain and moisture with ease. It’s loaded with smart features, including four zipper pockets, two internal patch pockets, a mini bill on the hood, and structured cuffs with thumbholes. This three-season technical garment is ideal for active pursuits — whether it’s shooting, hiking, or cycling. Note: The DA Hoodie features an athletic cut, so size up if you want a more relaxed fit.
Make: Prometheus Design Werx
Model: DA Hoodie
COLORS: Machine Mineral Gray, Syth Lord Black
MSRP: $184


You might be screaming, “What? $150 for a razor? For that price, it better also shampoo, style, and blow dry my hair, too.” Well, this isn’t your daddy’s disposable razor. Made from 303 stainless steel, the No. 5 Chisel Razor is CNC milled then hand-assembled in the USA. It features Self-Wrought’s Magnetic Closure System (MCS), which is essentially four tiny but strong magnets on the cover that keep the blade in place and prevent vibrations as you draw the edge across your face. Not only does it allow for a close, smooth shave, the MCS makes cleaning the razor easy and replacing the blade fast. Though we would have preferred it to be about a ½-inch longer for better leveraging (it’s 4.8 inches long), the No. 5 Chisel Razor is solidly built, elegant in its simplicity, and sure to please the stubbly faces of hipsters and real men alike.
Make: Self-Wrought
Model: No. 5 Chisel Razor
WEIGHT: 3 ounces
MSRP: $150


Son of Chinese immigrants, the late Al Mar was known in the American knife industry for working as Gerber’s head knife designer, producing innovative tactical knives after forming his namesake company, and serving as a U.S. Army Green Beret. In fact, it was his Special Forces experience that resulted in him co-designing the Al Mar Knives’ SERE, the first knife accepted for use at the Army’s SERE Instructor School. Now TOPS has teamed up with Al Mar Knives to manufacture a smaller version of this iconic survival tool in the USA. (Al Mar Knives are made in Japan). Its ergonomic G-10 handle pairs nicely with a 4-inch full-tang blade made from 154CM stainless steel. It comes with a quality Kydex sheath.
Make: TOPS Knives
Model: Al Mar Mini SERE Operator
OAL: 8.75 inches
MSRP: $170


There’s nothing more dangerous to a firearm than carbon fouling. (Ignorant antigun politicians are a close second.) So remembering to maintain your gun is almost as important as knowing how to use it. While most lubricants act as a cleaner, lubricator, and protector, Never Dry Products says its ND999 formula is a four-in-one lube because it’s also a “penetrator.” As a polarized lubricant, ND999 cuts through the grime then bonds to parts so it lasts longer and is more efficient. Plus, it’s nontoxic, nonflammable, and nonconductive, making it safe to also use on tools around your house or in your garage. Made in the USA, ND999 is also available in 15ml bottles and in various quantities.
Make: Never Dry Products
Model: ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant
QUANTITY: Two 5ml bottles
MSRP: $12


No, these aren’t tactical loafers … but don’t laugh if we wear them to the range. The Na’i WP is some of the most comfortable yet hard-core laceless footwear we’ve ever worn. They have waterproof leather to provide protection from the elements, a comfy dual-density footbed that’s removable for washing, and a non-marking rugged yet lightweight outsole with directional lugs for greater traction. Also, it features OluKai’s Drop-In Heel, allowing you to turn this shoe into a slipper. Whether you’re headed to dinner with coworkers or trekking through a backwoods creek, these loafers will get you where you need to be.
Make: OluKai
Model: Na’i WP
Colors: Black (shown), Carob, Fox, and Ray
MSRP: $140


Sure, you could sit on a tree stump or a nice patch of grass. But why not enjoy Mother Nature whilst resting your buttocks on an actual chair. The portable Linger High-Back Chair can serve this purpose conveniently. Weighing just 3 pounds, its anodized-aluminum frame is collapsible, fits inside a compact carrying bag, and provides a bit of reclining relaxation. Ideal for any outing under the skies, from a long day at an outdoor range to a camping trip with the family. The chair’s fabric is made of 600-denier polyester, which offers a mix of comfort and durability, while its maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.
Make: Kelty
Model: Linger High-Back Chair
MSRP: $140


While calibers and loads change, cartridge materials have remained relatively the same for about a century — lead, brass, and gunpowder. NovX is hoping to shake up that convention. It recently released the 9mm Luger ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense cartridge. That’s a long-winded way of saying it features a fluted copper-polymer bullet and a stainless-steel casing. The company says it’s lighter yet faster, has more power, and flies flatter. The 65-grain round has a listed velocity of 1,575 feet per second and is said to produce 358 foot-pound of power, capable of creating a devastating wound channel. Another advantage of the new materials: reduced corrosion and bore fouling.
Make:NovX Ammo
Model: 9mm Luger ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense
MSRP: $28 per box of 26


We’ve all been there: You noticed something just below your eye line only to realize it’s your friend forming a circle with his thumb and index finger in front of his crotch. Then he screamed, “Ball gazer!” and punched you in the arm. Sadly, you lost that round of the Circle Game. But now you can get perpetual payback with the Ball Gazer Patch. Or maybe you need to request some new “reading” material by wearing the Send Nudes patch. Whatever your morale patch needs, there’s a good chance Keystone Tactical Supply can meet it. Available in almost two dozen colors with more than 12 vinyl options (including Mil-spec infrared), these laser-cut patches come with Velcro backings and are durable, made in the USA, and quite hilarious.
Make: Keystone Tactical Supply
Model: Ball Gazer Patch and Send Nudes Patch
DIMENSIONS: 3.5 by 2 inches
MSRP: Starting from $14 each


Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical showed off a new line of goods at SHOT Show, including low-profile light and sling mounts. A standout for us was the Brokos Brace. At 2 inches tall, the Brokos Brace is more than a simple handstop, but small enough to fall short of a stubby vertical grip. It can be used to press or pull on barricades, as a hand stop, for weapon retention, and almost everything else you can do with a nubby vertical grip. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black, the Brokos Brace is compatible with the M-LOK accessory attachment system; sorry HK, still no word on compatibility with PCAP.
Make: Lead Faucet Tactical (LFT)
Model: Brokos Brace & Other Goods
MSRP: $51


The crew at Cloud Defensive cut their teeth making weapon-mounted light accessories and attachments, so it’s no surprise they’ve entered the flashlight market themselves with a complete light. The Optimized Weapon Light, or OWL, is a three-cell, user-programmable weapon light with an output that Cloud Defensive tells us could be as high as 1,600 lumens. Particularly noteworthy is that both the light head and tail-cap are quick disconnect. They call it Lug-Lok, and instead of traditional cut threads both are popped off with a short twist-and-pull. Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, we’re very much looking forward to getting our grubbies on one to put it through its paces.
Make: Cloud Defensive
Model: Optimized Weapon Light (OWL)
MSRP: $339

hernon accurizer waterproofing kit

One of the appeals of Mil-spec ammo is its imperviousness to environmental conditions. You can now seal any ammo you own with this handy little kit from Hernon, which contains enough goop to treat up to 2,000 rounds. Unlike the old standby of nail polish, this stuff creeps all the way down the case necks and primer pockets due to capillary action, then sets up within 24 hours to create a completely impervious barrier to moisture and other contaminants such as oil.
Long-range aficionados take note; it’s also showing promise as a means of uniforming neck tension — we’ve seen evidence of reduced group sizes in factory ammo due to a more consistent bullet pull.
Make: Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.
Model: Accurizer Waterproofing Kit
MSRP: $40


Made of compressed and cured recycled rubber tire crumb, Roll-Tech Target Tiles are 8×6-inch reactive knock-down targets with no risk of shrapnel or ricochets. You can paint them for target discrimination drills and arrange them in various configurations to train for precision shots, no-shoots, and whatever else your imagination conjures up. Handguns and shotguns work well with the Target Tiles, while some rifle rounds such as .223 won’t reliably knock them down. They’re safest when used with wooden stands or shelving, but like loose steel targets, you need to manually reset them. Some end users have modified, drilled, and attached the rubber targets to plate racks or other resetting systems. At $10 apiece, Target Tiles are affordable, safe, and versatile targets.
Make:Roll-Tech Molding Products
Model: Target Tiles
DIMENSIONS: 7.9 by 6.4 by 1.8 inches
WEIGHT: 2.7 pounds
MSRP: $10

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