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jericho hanger

Have you ever hung up your range gear, wetsuit, or three-piece suit only to have the plastic hanger snap on you? Or the wooden hanger separate from its metal hook? Well, kiss those annoying breakages goodbye. Ontario Knife Company is now offering the Jericho Hanger, a clothes hanger on steroids. Made of a souped-up polymer, it can hold up to 250 pounds, plenty of capacity to stow your tactical, hunting, or outdoor sports kit. And there are J-hooks at the bottom for holding belts, backpack straps, etc. Word to the wise: While some might want to buy this to hang up their body armor, be sure to follow the instruction manual from your manufacturer, as ballistic vests should be cleaned, dried, and stored flat in a cool place for longevity and proper maintenance.

Make: Ontario Knife Company
Model: Jericho Hanger
Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, White
MSRP: $13 each

peltor sport tactical 500

Smartphones and music are distractions when you’re in the middle of a course of fire. Still, Bluetooth-capable earmuffs could be handy in certain situations, e.g. while operating noisy machinery, or if you need to call your separated hunting party but want to keep your ears protected. To this end, 3M has recently released the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protector. With a 26-dBA noise reduction rating, it suppresses gunshots and other loud noises above 82 dBA while amplifying low-level sounds so you can still hold a conversation and hear your environment. Other upgrades: recessed microphones to reduce wind noise, easy-to-use buttons, vented headband, and rubber bumpers for use with long-gun stocks. If you don’t need the two-way wireless communication, the Peltor Sport Tactical 300 is still compatible with mobile devices but doesn’t have Bluetooth technology, saving you 50 bucks.

Make: 3M
Model: Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protector
MSRP: $200

10/22 Backpacker Dream Gun

There’s no shortage of mag loaders out there, but MagPump is one of the few that orients and loads rounds at the same time. There’s no need to arrange all the rounds in the same direction — as rounds descend into the hopper, they fall, tip-down, into the feed chute and get pressed into the mag with a push of the operating lever. It looks big, but the device splits without tools into hopper, body, and base for transport and storage. Dump 90 rounds in the hopper and pump three AR mags full of 5.56/.223 or .300 BLK in less time than it takes to nuke a couple of frozen burritos. By the time you see this, an AK MagPump should be out, and a handgun version is slated for release in the winter.

Make: MagPump
Model: AR15 Magazine Loader
Versions: 90 Rounds
MSRP: $199


With an increasing number of precision shooters recognizing the benefits of Savage style barrels, there’s a good chance a few of you have been chucking barrels in a traditional, pain in the ass, 700-style barrel or action vise for builds and caliber swaps. Zermatt Arms, the parent of Bighorn Arms and its Bighorn action, released this new action wrench that slips inside a 700-style action and allows you to use it as a wrench, or as we did, as a vise-mounted fixture that slides into the bolt raceway and prevents the action from turning. It has a cutout on one side to accommodate the Bighorn action’s fixed ejector, but it works with stock Remington 700 and Savage actions, too. We like that it’s designed to fail if you apply too much torque, saving your action from damage.

Make: Zermatt Arms
Model: Rear-Entry Action Wrench
MSRP: $85

grey ghost glock slides

Aftermarket Glock slides are all the rage, and you’ve seen many of them within the pages of RECOIL and its sister pubs. Grey Ghost Precision (mostly known for its … you guessed it … precision guns) recently threw its hat into the ring with a total of 16 options for the Glock 17 and 19. There are options for slide textures, and optic cuts for each pistol generation with only a $25 price difference between its highest and lowest options. Like many other slides, you’ll have to fill the internals with the goods yourself.

Make: Grey Ghost Precision
Model: GGP-17 & GGP-19 Slides
MSRP: $399-$424

Radian’s original Raptor charging handles for the AR platform are known for their simplicity, durability, and ergonomic functionality. The new Raptor LT version replaces the original aluminum handle ends with a super durable polymer that might even be stronger than the original. The handle ends aren’t simply solid polymer pinned to the metal body, but extrusions cast around an aluminum core that can’t snap or pull off any differently than the handle-ends on the non-LT version could. The Raptor LT retains all of the ambidextrous goodness of the original while dropping a little weight and about $30 in price.

Make: Radian Weapons
Model: Raptor LT Charging Handles
Options: AR-15 or AR-10
MSRP: $60-$70

nordic components handguard

Cover that silencer and get the rail estate back on your SBR. The NCT4 Suppressor Shield Modular Handguard features a twist-lock, forward handguard section that’ll allow access to, and enclose, just about any QD or direct-mount silencer. Your lights, lasers, and irons can now take their rightful places at the muzzle end of a suppressed 7.5- or 10.5/11.5-inch barreled AR. M-LOK slots cover the handguard and Nordic includes a custom 3.8-inch rail section that spans the no-man’s land occupied by the handguard extension’s tool-less connection mechanism. The forward section locks up very securely, providing a suitable platform for aiming devices. If you’re looking for a way to use an extended handguard over a can, the NCT4 is a great alternative to an integrally suppressed upper.

Make: Nordic Components
Model: NCT4 Suppressor Shield Modular Handguard
Configurations: 6.7- or 9.5-inch handguard + 6-inch extension
MSRP: $350

scalarworks on point sights

It seems hard to believe that, for as long as iron sights have been on ARs, companies still come up with ways to improve them. The latest take on rail-mounted irons comes from Scalarworks, including a slew of forehead-smacking updates that aren’t obvious at first glance. The sight adjustment on both front and rear sights feature Scalarwork’s hallmark clicky nut, where one click is a half MOA (to match today’s popular reflex optics). The front sight post is optimized for use on a 14.5- to 16-inch carbine, as opposed to legacy sight posts better suited for use with the original 20-inch+ M16 rifles. The peep sight is scalloped on the backside, reducing the amount of highlighting in the sight that can distract and reduce accuracy. The sights are also smooth and free of protrusions that can cause snags, and machined to reduce weight.

Make: Scalarworks
Model: On Point Sights/Fixed
WEIGHT: 2.29 ounces/set
MSRP: $199/set

armageddon squishy sock

Replicating the feel of tube socks filled with sand shouldn’t be that hard, but many companies so over-engineer their commercial rear bags in an effort to make them durable and versatile that they lose track of what makes the tried-and-true original so useful — simplicity and value. Armageddon Gear’s Squishy bag hones in on the mark with a durable, stretch fabric shell loaded with lightweight beads and adorned with a hanger loop. When you’re not shooting from the prone, the only other frill is a pair of useful Velcro one-wrap straps that let you quickly hang the bag on your rifle fore-end for stability on barricades. Best of all, it has that sand sock feel without the sand leaks or funky smell.

Make: Armageddon Gear
Model: Squishy Sand Sock
MSRP: $35

scarecrow smoke cup

Pull the pin on your morning routine with Scarecrow Cerakote’s Smoke Cup. The cups start life as run-of-the-mill insulated, stainless steel tumblers and get treated to a battle-worn Cerakoting that’ll excite even the most bleary-eyed battle buddy at morning muster. The guy behind the brush is a 10+ year 11 Bravo (dismounted reconnaissance troop) National Guardsman and says he’ll be offering the cups in Red, Green, and Violet versions when he gets started on the next batch — after he’s home from drilling in the swamps of Fort Stewart. You might not be able to mark choke points on your commute with smoke, but carrying one of these definitely lets those around you know you’re thinking about it.

Make: Scarecrow Cerakote
Model: Smoke Cup
Capacity: 20 ounces
MSRP: $49

magnetospeed m series grip

Out of the box, MagnetoSpeed’s new modular grip comes with a snap-in drybox that’ll keep earplugs, matches, or bus fare safe from the elements. From here, though, things get pretty interesting. You can swap the drybox for a multifunction LED flashlight with a hat clip and magnetic rail mount ($85), a three-round magazine ($11), or a grip-mounted monopod that’s in the works. Each item locks securely into the grip body and stays out of the way, so much so that you might forget you’ve got that spare round, light, or whatever, until you really need it. We can’t vouch for the battlefield viability of such a product, but for those of us who live, work, or play with our rifles close at hand, this seems like a good way to keep spares or some light at your fingertips.

Make: MagnetoSpeed
Model: M-Series Grip
MSRP: $32 with dry storage box

hornady black series 5.56

Hornady’s new BLACK line of ammunition offers loads optimized for use in semi-auto rifles and carbines. One of the new loads is this 5.56 NATO 75-grain InterLock HD SBR, formulated for short-barreled (10.5- to 11.5-inch) rifles and AR pistols. It features a new powder that Hornady says reduces temperatures 15 to 20 percent, resulting in a more progressive burn and less flash, and a new projectile based on their Critical Duty FlexLock bullet. The round was designed to meet the FBI ballistic performance protocols. Hornady says the round runs equally well in DI or piston guns, suppressed or unsuppressed, and has little flash, no carbon residue, and uniform velocity that provides a controllable rate of fire in automatic platforms.

Make: Hornady
Model: BLACK Series 5.56 NATO 75 gr Interlock HD SBR
Also Available: .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, .300 BLK, .308 Win, 7.62×39, .450 Bushmaster, 12 Ga.
MSRP: $20

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