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New Release: Crye Precision G4 Female Fit Uniforms

Women in the tactical arena are always on the hunt for better fitting apparel. It's a male dominated field where options for clothing catering to the female form are few and fleeting often forcing women to wear men's cut clothing. Whether issued or by choice, often the features needed are only available in men's apparel. For the high-end user, Crye Precision G4 Female Fit brings all this to the table, and more. 


“I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years,” says law enforcement officer Liana Mercado, “after I got out of the Marine Corps, I went to the state police. We were issued men's uniforms tops and bottoms.”

The summit of field uniforms is small and dominated by a few companies, and Crye Precision is the peak when it comes to tactical performance apparel. Today, the company acknowledges the growing number of women on the battlefield and answered their needs with the Crye Precision G4 Female Fit line of specifically designed clothing.

Officers like Mercado are excited to finally have access to Crye Precision's uniforms. Those who are familiar with issued military uniforms, while it's supposed to be one-size-fits-most, the truth is outside of high end performance apparel, it's some-sizes-might-fit. She says the men’s uniforms she was issued never wore correctly. The shoulders were too big and she had to paperbag the waist while dealing with wide pant legs and a baggy crotch.

“The military and law enforcement field can be very competitive,” says Mercado, “and I'm always afraid of failure.” So, it's not hard to see how officers like Mercado look at poor-fitting uniforms as a performance handicap.

crye precision g4 female fit combat


Male uniforms have long leg inseams, narrow hips, broad chests and shoulder widths that compromise a female's comfort and performance. Crye Precision's G4 Female Fit line's goal is to address these issues and give women the same level of performance, comfort, and mobility that men have. The importance of a well fitting uniform extends beyond military tradition, as anyone who's suffered through a long ruck march with poorly fitting pants. 


Crye says the G4 Female Fit Line features the same innovative qualities and custom stretch, VTX ripstop fabric as the standard G4 line with a design that is specifically patterned to fit females.  Reducing the sleeve circumference adn raising the arm hols gives the Combat & Field Shirts enhanced mobility and a more ergonomic female fit, with bust shaping and minimized shoulder width providing a slimmer profile. The reduced neck opening, and collar height were designed for a female form without compromising function. Dedicated shaping at the Combat & Field Pants hip area allow for a slimmer cut with maximum mobility. Reduced fly/zipper height and length, front and back rise and inseam lengths provide a more tailored fit throughout. 


Crye Precision says its design team met extensively with women serving in the military and law enforcement and performed in-depth interviews that gauged operational needs, reviewed currently issued uniforms, took measurements and listened to requests. The result is a female-specific uniform that Crye says is unmatched in the industry. The female-specific uniforms increase comfort, mobility and functionality for women in the field.

In addition to conversations with women serving in the military and law enforcement, Crye's design team also took an in-depth look into the lives of female civilians other arenas. From shooting sports to advanced carbine training, the G4 Female Fit line is designed to work for the women who take their range time seriously and require top-tier range apparel, says Crye.

crye precision g4 female fit

Finding well fitting, high performance clothing for women in the tactical profession, “was really a struggle,” says Mercado. It's important to be comfortable in the field, whether you're on a call out or if you're taking a carbine class. “The more comfortable and natural I am,” she says, “the better I perform.”

The Crye Precision G4 Female Fit Uniforms are available December 22nd, through the Crye Precision website,, and will be initially made in MultiCam Pattern. Contact Crye Precision for any customizations to orders.

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