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New Rhodesian Chest Rig and Dry Pouch from S&S Precision

S&S Precision showed some new prototypes at the Warrior Expo West in San Diego. With advanced materials, laser cut patterns, welding, and clever design, they've come a long way since gear like this was referred to as tactical nylon.

For a requirement specifying a lightweight chest rig that doesn't retain any water, S&S developed their new Rhodesian Chest Rig, shown here in MultiCam with an accompanying Rapid Attachment Panel.

It's laser cut and welded, and about as lightweight and low profile as you can imagine.

For its attachment hardware, S&S uses Tegris, a thermoplastic composite that's very durable, rigid, and light. Note that this is a prototype, so the back side of the rig is still unfinished. Production versions of the chest rig will be finished on the back.

The Rhodesian Chest Rig should be ready at the end of May 2019, with pricing to be determined. S&S expects to offer it in MultiCam, tan, black, and Toadvine colors.

S&S also had a nearly-complete prototype of a new dry pouch.

It attaches via molle and has a beefy waterproof zipper. The inside is lined with velcro to accept various accessories.

The zipper on the prototype is black, but the production version will be color matched. The pouch also has a purge valve to release air from the pouch while it's sealed.

The dry pouch is ready to go, though not yet shown on the S&S website. Colors will include MultiCam, tan, black, and Toadvine.


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