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New “Rifle Skid Plate” from Hard Target Innovations

Hard Target Innovations (currently only on Facebook) has designed a rifle accessory intended to protect the weapon against the hazards of shooting from barriers. The new HTI Skid Plate can be used as a lace-up add on for AR-15s and AR-10s, or can be used with the (included) hook and loop so it can be mounted to the chassis of a bolt gun.

The rifle pictured is a GA Precision AR-10 with Wil Gomer hand-painted A-TACS color scheme and the HTI Kopfjager Sling, endorsed by none other than Chuck Mawhinney (more on that soon).

The Hard Target Innovations Skid Plate and other products will be available at a number of locations, including Impact Data Books and Triad Tactical.

One response to “New “Rifle Skid Plate” from Hard Target Innovations”

  1. Matthew says:

    It’s cool, but not new. Google Sotech Sniper Skid Plate to see a previously existing design. Great for protecting/stabilizing a forend against fence posts/trees, etc. Not hating by any means, there’s room for more folks to make gear.

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