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Ruger’s New Pistol Caliber Carbine

The Ruger PC Carbine (hey, at least the name’s not gonna confuse anybody) is a “traditional” body style carbine – it’s a non-AR, non-modular setup that looks more like a 10/22 on performance-enhancing drugs.

RugerPCC 5

Speaking of overlap between the PC Carbine and 10/22, the trigger in the PC Carbine is comprised of 80% 10/22 parts which means if you happen to get a PC Carbine and happen to also get some really good quality 10/22 trigger components, you may magically wind up with a PC Carbine that has an awesome bang switch.

Out of the box, the PC Carbine is configured to accept magazines from Ruger’s newest pistol, the Security 9. But plug-and-play mag wells are available for both Ruger SR9 and Ruger American magazines as well as Glock 9mm magazines. This latter option is going to make the PC Carbine accessible to wide swaths of the existing PCC market who would otherwise have had to commit to proprietary magazines.

RugerPCC 4

In the style of their Scout Rifle, both front and rear iron sights are on the barrel, with a length of Picatinny rail on the receiver. Said sights are also our chief gripe with the PC Carbine, as the rear sight must be loosened with an Allen wrench, moved along a slide, then re-tightened in order to zero. We’d have liked to have seen a click-based adjustment system but since throwing a red dot on top is just too easy, it will likely not be a concern for most. The charging handle is also easily swappable, whether you’re a southpaw or whether you fancy running your PC Carbine more like an AK or more like an FAL.

RugerPCC 2

The barrel is 16.12 inches with a 1:10 twist rate and 1/2 x 28 muzzle threads, giving the PC Carbine an overall length of 34 inches and some change. Length of pull is adjustable from 12.62 to 14.12 inches through the use of included spacers. Total weight unloaded is 6.8 pounds and the PC Carbine carries an MSRP of $649.

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