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New Semi-Auto & Pump Shotguns from Black Aces Tactical

Before Mossberg and Remington made shorty 12GA “firearms,” Florida-based Black Aces Tactical long beat them to the punch.

Black Aces beat both companies to mag-fed pump guns too, and now in another first before Remington and Mossberg, Black Aces launched a mag-fed semiauto scattergun.

Reading our tea leaves and turtle shells, we're betting we'll see “firearm” versions od these guys soon.

Here's what they have to say about them:

Black Aces Tactical (BAT), a veteran owned American manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of the Pro Series M and M Pump line of magazine fed 12-gauge shotguns.

Said Black Aces Tactical, “The Pro Series M and M Pump project has been underway in secret for some time. The number one request from dealers and customers since the launch of the Pro Series magazine fed line in 2013 has been a semiautomatic version. Not only has Black Aces Tactical developed the semiautomatic traditional style magazine fed 12 gauge, Black Aces Tactical has once again heeded customer demand in that the Pro Series M and M Pump are fed by off the shelf, standard Saiga 12 magazines and drums.”

Specifications of the Pro Series M Semi-Auto include:

-12 Gauge magazine fed shotgun
-6061 T6 Aluminum Receiver
-Ambidextrous Oversized Smooth Charge handle
-18.5″ and 24” Barrel Options
-Uses Benelli style chokes
-Choice of Black Synthetic or Walnut Furniture
-Front blade sight with white dot
-5 round magazine included
-Extremely Smooth Action

The Pro Series M starts at only $449. The Pro Series M Pump starts at only $399.

For more information about Black Aces Tactical visit

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