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New Six and Seven Round Compact .45 Mags from Gun Pro

We heard recently that St. Louis, MO based Gun Pro has added two new magazines to their Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive Magazines (note; this is not a Surefire/flashlight product).

Here’s what they told us.

New Six and Seven Round Compact .45 Mags from Gun Pro

Gun Pro recently added both a six round and seven round .45 ACP compact magazine to its line of Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive Magazines.  This comes on the heels of the release of their new product video, which features slow motion video (5,000 frames per second) of its feeding angle as compared to the standard factory magazine via a skeletonized slide and frame.

Gun Pro Magazine 1

Due to the notorious gap between the top and following round, today’s magazines have one serious shortcoming… nose dive jams. This physically presents a nose dive problem when the slide extracts the top cartridge from a firearm magazine frequently forcing the cartridge nose downward thereby jamming the slide.

Here at Gun Pro, we sought to solve this challenging issue and designed the new Gun Pro Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive Magazine so that you could be sure your firearm is cycling at its fastest speed possible, as smoothly as possible and quite simply as reliable as possible.

Gun Pro’s Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive stainless magazines are made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The Sure Fire magazine, with the new Nose-Dive Control Spring Tab, increases reliability in ALL single stack 1911 pistols using standard RN or HP FMJ bullets. It’s polished fitted tube, spring and follower provides smooth feeding while the newly patent pending Nose-Dive Control Spring Tab assists with reliable, controlled feeding angles from the first through the last round chambered.

About Gun Pro in their own words.

Gun Pro is focused on developing new and superior products, that not only enhance one’s gun library with striking designs, but integrates high performance products to keep their clients on top of the game! We have a vision for the industry, from concept to implementation.

You can visit them on the web here.

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