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New Super-Short PDW Stock and Brace System from Dead Foot Arms

Dead Foot Arms is known for their side folding stock adapter for the AR platform, which can be fired while folded due to its modified bolt carrier group and recoil spring system.

They've now conjured up their next magic act, the PDW-style SCW (Sub Compact Weapon) stock and pistol brace system. There are two versions, the SCW-2.5 and SCW-4. The former is the shortest, only adding a mere 2.5 inches to the length of an AR. We tested out prototypes of the SCW at TriggrCon 2019, and they're really slick and super compact.

The SCW-2.5 utilizes Dead Foot's nested double recoil spring and buffer system as well as a modified, shortened bolt carrier group, thus resulting in such a compact system. The longer SCW-4, on the other hand, collapses down to 4-inches and uses a standard bolt carrier group with Dead Foot's double recoil spring assembly. In the cutaway shown below, you can see the SCW-2.5's abbreviated bolt carrier group and the double springs.

Both have five length-of-pull settings, extending to a maximum of 12.5-inches. The telescoping assembly is comprised of a single rail on the left side of the weapon. The rifle stock variant will come with a stubby little fixed foot. The pistol brace variant features the oft-requested Tailhook Mod 3 from Gear Head Works. It's about 0.75-inches shorter than the Mod 1 Tailhook and much narrower, to fit the PDW application. As a result of these changes, Gear Head Works had to alter its geometry quite a bit so that it could be used comfortably as a brace.

The SCW should be available by the end of 2019, and retail pricing is expected to be around $500.

The TriggrCon 2019 show is open to the public during the second half of Friday, July 26, and all day on Saturday, July 27. Come on down to the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington, if you're nearby.


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