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New: the Cerakote Glacier Series

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There's a fairly good chance that Cerakote is currently the most popular professional firearms coating in the United States. We've seen it on a number of custom Aero Precision receivers, the works of SSViBlown Deadline, Red Beard Cerakote, and we covered their new Elite Coating in issue 29 of RECOIL. While one can certainly pick a color off the shelf, it's the custom mixing that makes for a truly unique coating color. Recently Cerakote released a video about custom mixing their Glacier Series.


Industry News: Cerakote Glacier Series

Here's what they have to say about them:

For a customizable, high temp exhaust coating, check out our Glacier Series. These coatings have exceptional thermal barrier properties, are corrosion resistant and can withstand thermal shock without degrading or losing their color.

Our Glacier coatings come in five, air-cured, mixable colors. With mixing, these five stock colors give you the ability to greatly expand your color options, satisfying those customers who desire a custom look on their project. For example, a 75/25 mix of Glacier Gold and Glacier Black creates a warm bronze. Changing the ratio to 50/50 results in a darker, richer color. Be sure to watch our video below for more details:

Cerakote does have suggestions for mixes, and you can see the results below:

You can visit Cerakote online here



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