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NFA Freedom Alliance raffles NFA combo

The NFA Freedom Alliance (NFAFA) is nearing its first anniversary and can honestly say they were able to pass 4 pro-NFA bills in 4 states. They want to do more and are looking toward funding with an NFA (National Firearms Act) raffle.
Grand prize is an SBR(Short Barreled Rifle) and silencer combination. The SBR is a PWS (Primary Weapon Systems) MK109 in 300BLK donated by Primary Weapons Systems and is only one of three ever produced in Kryptek Camo. The Surge 7.62 silencer was donated by Rugged Suppressors. The winner will receive an executed firearms trust donated by trust attorney Sean Cody of Texas Gun Trust , and the NFAFA will cover the cost of the two stamps.
NFAFA is headed by lobbyist Todd Rathner and we have seen him testify first hand in the Nevada Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees for passage of much needed knife law reform in the Silver State when we made our testimony. He was working on behalf of for the legalization of switchblades and drafted the original bill that allows us to own and carry automatic knives. If other firearms lobbying groups used his talents, it would probably be mandatory for sheriffs to issue CCWs in California!
As for what they did for us this year on the NFA front:
Their “Shall Certify” bill was passed in Arkansas; meaning that unless the applicant was a prohibited person, the Chief LEO would have no choice but to sign off on the Form 1 or Form 4.
In Texas and Tennessee they passed a reform to the insidious Defense to Prosecution law finally making NFA items 100% legal in both of those states. Believe it or not, archaic state laws in the Lone Star and Volunteer states made it a felony to own an NFA item, despite having an approved federal form.
Lastly in Montana they made it legal to hunt with a suppressor.
Unlike other organizations who ask you for money, and do nothing with it except ask you for more money, the NFAFA uses your generous donations directly for on the ground lobbying.
There is still a lot to do on the NFA front and they need our continued support and help. One of the best ways to help them raise the funds critical to their continued success is to enter the raffle. Each raffle ticket starts at $20.
If you enter for $50 or more you will not only get your raffle chances, you will get the membership at the commensurate level to your donation.
When you enter an NFA Freedom Alliance raffle you can be assured your hard earned dollars are going to one thing and one thing only…lobbying for your rights!
To enter click here.

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