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Night Vision Goggles Inc. Develops Rifle Shooting Platform

Written by Jacki Billings

Developed by Night Goggles Inc., a sister company to TNVC, the Night Stalker tripod/rifle rest set-up offers up both a portable and lightweight design, according to Night Goggles. Equipped with carbon fiber legs, the legs boasts a lightweight construction with non-slip rubber feet and steel spike feet to prevent slipping. The Night Stalker also features the ability to transform into a monopod or walking stick for shooters looking to ditch the tripod feel.


The 4-pound Night Stalker offers three section height adjustments with a max height measuring 68-inches. For shooters who need to lay low, the center stalk of the tripod can be removed to reduce the height to just under 8-inches. In monopod configuration, the Night Stalker touts an extendable length from 15-inches up to 55-inches. Equipped with a quick-lock system, the legs securely lock into place preventing height mishaps in the field.

The Night Stalker is outfitted with a 36mm rotational ball head, permitting hunters to down prey from a variety of shooting angles. Three built-in bubbles ensure a level playing field and the quick release plate permits equipment to be easily and efficiently removed, according to Night Goggles.


Night Goggles serves up the Night Stalker in two configurations — a standalone tripod unit or the tripod with a Shadow Tech Pig Saddle Rest. Developed by a Marine Scout Sniper and OIF Veteran, the rest is tailor-made for hunters, incorporating 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread attachments for universal mounting. The saddle rest is configured to attach and hold any semi-automatic or bolt action rifle to the tripod.


The Night Stalker is available in three color patterns — black, green, and camouflage with its foam padded legs offering a camo aesthetic.

The Night Stalker tripod itself runs just under the $140 mark; however, the Pig Saddle Rest will tack on a few extra bucks bringing the grand total for the whole system up to $270.

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