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NIGHTFALL – Halo Live Action Mini Series

ONI Agent Jameson Locke, who will be a playable character in Halo 5, is the central protagonist in this live action show based on the Halo game series.  The fact that Ridley Scott's production company, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Battlestar Galactica) and Paul Scheuring (Prison Break) are involved is certainly promising, though maybe not enough to offset fears most people (justifiably) have that a video game based show will suck. The 5 episode series, each about 25 minutes in length, is set to debut next Tuesday, November 11th (Veteran's Day). Events in the NIGHTFALL series will follow a terrorist attack (players of Halo 4 will recognize this) that may actually be a violation of the treaty that ended the Human-Covenant War in Halo 3 (if you're not a player, this will require a little bit of research on your part).

Nightfall-Halo Live Action Series 3

Nightfall-Halo Live Action Series 4

Nightfall-Halo Live Action Series 1

Nightfall-Halo Live Action Series 2

If you're interested, IGN recently published an advance review of the series premiere right here.

Nightfall-Halo Live Action Series 5



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