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No Half Measure: The SIG Select Line

SIG continues to diversify its product offering this year with a new pistol line they are calling SIG Select. For the last several years, SIG has been expanding its elite Legion line of pistols. The Legion models are traditional P-series guns that go through a number of custom-shop upgrades and enhancements aimed at providing a premium, custom-shop experience right out of the box. But these upgrades also saddle the Legion series with a premium price tag that’s nearly double that of a corresponding base model.


In an effort to bring the high-end feature suite to a more affordable price point, SIG’s Select line blends some of the Legion features into base model P-series pistols. The Select line will start with a couple of the more popular DA/SA offerings, plus a couple pocket pistols aimed at the concealed carry market. All of the Select models on display at SHOT 2018 are shown here.


The Select series utilizes the lower-profile Legion series control levers. The decocker, slide stop and mag release are all slightly more refined than average, and designed to be less obtrusive while maintaining ease-of-function. In addition to the control levers, the Select series will all feature SIG Elite night sights and G10 grips in a unique black-and-tan tiger eye color scheme.


The P226 and P229 Select models will also have SIG’s Short Reset Trigger (SRT). The floor models at SHOT had a notably stiff DA pull. But reset was indeed short and very crisp. Single action dry pulls were short and snappy, on par with some more expensive custom gunsmithing we’ve seen other places.


The company rep we spoke to on the show floor was dodgy about the exact price points on Select series guns. When pressed, he gave us this quote: “split the difference between base model and Legion series. It’ll be less than that.” While that does give hope to some of those who may not have the scratch for the elite-level Legion pistols, this answer leaves us suspicious that the Select line will still come in around four figures. Value for money? Sure. But that’s not the same as financially accessible.


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