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No One Needs a Trauma Kit

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No one needs a trauma kit. At least not until they need it. Today we saw another example of murderous sociopaths wreaking violence on a completely unsuspecting public.

They likely didn't think it would happen to them either.

Car crash, mountain bike wipe-out, terrorist attack…the possible causes of an injury can range from probable to infinitesimally unlikely. Regardless of how it happens or who it happens to, the salient question is — are you prepared at all to deal with it? Road rash, fractured arm or severed leg, you should have some provision in place (with the necessary prior forethought, training and mental rehearsals) to handle it.

What you'll read below was written months ago. Events occurring today make one thing tragically clear yet again: life is unpredictable. However remote you feel the prospect to be, someone may try to kill you. You can't count on first responders to prevent it prior, interrupt it during or fix it after. Nor can you rely on being the first or even the fifth person they tend to if they do. As Dave Spaulding says, You must be an active participant in your own rescue. As Matt Graham says, No one is coming to save you. As Kerry Davis says, The time chooses you.

From Dark Angel Medical:

As we reflect on the tragic events of this past week in Paris, it really drives home the need for obtaining solid medical training and being diligent about carrying some sort of medical kit on your person every, single day. Whether it’s one of our kits, someone else’s (there a lot of really solid kits out there)– Eleven 10 LLC, North American Rescue, Rescue Essentials, CLEER Medical LLC, Chinook Medical, Phokus Research Group….just to name a few or even if you decide to “roll your own”. Just carry one and know how to use it!

However, getting the kit doesn’t make you ready to treat wounds anymore than buying an airplane makes you a pilot. You need training. We can provide that. Our good friends over at Lone Star Medics can provide that. Getting the training on how to save a life, I’d argue, is on par or, even more important than buying a kit. Here’s the rationale: You buy a kit but don’t get trained, so you’re essentially a societal liability. Flipside to this is that you get some solid trauma training and something bad happens and you don’t have your kit with you. You assess the situation, evaluate the casualties and recognize what you need to treat them. Given the fact that you’ve had the training, you can then look around you and, as we say, “exploit your environment” for an acceptable substitute for the necessary items to stop the bleeding and start the breathing. You are, because of your training, a force multiplier, a societal asset. You are no longer a bystander. You are now a by-doer. You have now thought outside the med kit by improvising but the most important aspect of that is being able to master what is inside the med kit first. That will give you the insight on how to think outside the med kit.

Next to training and equipment, which we can provide you with, as well as the aforementioned others, is the proper mindset. Running towards the sounds of screams for help may be counterintuitive to some but there are many of us who are intrinsic responders and not a second thought is given when someone cries out for help. There’s always the argument for self-preservation and that’s definitely one I agree with and that plays right in to the proper mindset as well as we will be situationally aware, self-aware and ready to respond should something happen. What if you don’t have the right mindset? Train. Train often and train realistically. It will help.

Do you have the right equipment to help? Do you have the right training to help? There’s lots of folks out there who are able to assist you with that.

Mindset? Well, that’s all up to you.

The time chooses you.

Will you be ready?


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