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Not quite so impressed with the USA?

Not everyone is as impressed with the United States as others. This video came out over the Independence Day weekend and, as you can see, it expresses some apparent concerns on the part of a some folks about the USA's true accomplishments.

I would never deny we have some serious problems to address here, but I've been to some places OCONUS where the people would gladly have it “as bad” as we have it here. I wonder if any of the people in this video can say the same? I wonder how much of this message is legitimate concern. In fact, I wonder how much is self-righteous condescension expressed for the sake of having a reason to be outraged.

Sure, it's easy for me to say “Oh yeah? Well, we still have it better here than anywhere else!”

That doesn't make it less true.

Don't like it here? Do something to fix what you see as problems. Make videos where you look at an issue, then offer a solution. Complaining just to complain without offering a solution is, at best, a whiny and pretentious affectation. Oh and by the way, let's don't forget you're only able to thump your chest and decry the state of your country with such angst and righteous indignation because you don't have to worry somebody's gonna stone you to death, drag you off to a prison cell or turn a rape squad loose on your kids.

You know what America is? It's the fact that you can piss and moan like this without fear of repercussion. I wonder if the people in this video appreciate that. However, it's only going to stay America if people are as welling to work to fix problems as they are to snivel about them.

Lastly, about that 90 guns per 100 people thing? With just a little work I'll bet we can get that up past 100 in no time.


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