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Now Shipping: Mapul’s D-50, a Drum Magazine for ARs Chambered in 7.62 NATO and 308 Win

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Back in January, we covered the release of Magpul's newest drum mag, the D-50. The Magpul D-50 has a familiar design, mirroring the Magpul D-60, but is for larger caliber rifles.

Mapul D50.01

Made exclusively for 7.62×51 NATO and .308 Winchester, the D-50 has a 50-round capacity. Coming as no surprise, a loaded mag will add about 4.5 pounds to your rifle; 308 ammo adds up quickly no matter how you carry it. The empty mag weighs 1.5 pounds. Magpul says the D-50 is made exclusively for 7.62×51/308 and should not be loaded with other calibers. The D-50 has an MSRP of $150.

Mapul D50.03

Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Width: 4.64”
Length: 4.35”
Height: 8.34”
Color: Black
Capacity: 50
Made in the USA

Compatible with:
– Older model Bushmaster .308 ORC,
– Remington R-25,
– and DPMS LR308 rifles.
Not optimized for bolt lock functionality with newer models based on the DPMS GII design.
Not compatible with:
– Armalite AR-10B,
– Springfield Armory M1A,
– Rock River Arms LAR8,
– FN SCAR 17S,
– PTR-91,
– HK417 or any other rifles that utilize M14, FN FAL, or HK 91/G3 patterned magazines.

Mapul D50.02

From Magpul:

A few years ago, we introduced the PMAG D-60® AR/M4, and ever since then, we’ve been working on how to make it better… and we couldn’t. Instead, we decided to make it bigger and louder. Introducing the Magpul PMAG® D-50™ LR/SR GEN M3™. Designed for those looking to carry 50 rounds of 7.62×51 NATO, because bigger is always better, no matter what anyone tells you.

Magpul® PMAG® D-50 LR/SR GEN M3® MAG993

The D-50 is a rugged, lightweight, and reliable 50-round polymer drum magazine designed for 7.62×51 NATO/.308 Winchester ammunition for SR25/M110 pattern rifles. It’s capable of using longer-than-SAAMI-spec match ammunition, up to 2.830” OAL, such as M118LR. Engineered to the same exacting standards as the famous Magpul PMAG and PMAG D-60 drum magazines, the D-50 continues the PMAG tradition of high-capacity performance and dependability. In addition, the D-50 brings GEN M3 features, which means enhanced strength, durability, and reliability. A ratcheting loading lever removes spring tension, making the D-50 easily loadable by hand. An anti-glare translucent window on the rear of the drum makes for quick positive visual indication of remaining ammunition. Additionally, the D-50 can be disassembled quickly with a simple flat blade screwdriver, and a has a dot matrix pattern that allows for easy marking and identification. At approximately 1.5 lbs. empty, and 4.5 lbs. loaded, the Magpul D-50 is one of the lightest 50-round 7.62×51/.308 drums available and is priced well below current competition. Designed specifically for 7.62×51 NATO/.308 Winchester ammunition and use with other calibers such as .260 Remington or 6.5 Creedmoor is not recommended.


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