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Oakley Standard Issue to Launch Limited Edition 75th Anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell Glasses

Everyone knows the brand name, Oakley. But Oakley Standard Issue (SI) is the branch of Oakley that actively supports military, law enforcement, first responders, and government agencies.

Oakley SI is dedicated to supporting those who serve in all of the areas mentioned– so much so that they are one of the few companies that show continued support to vets by giving them a hefty price break on Oakley SI gear and glasses.

Oakley SI's link to the military is where the limited edition 75th anniversary D-Day Fuel Cells come into play. The 300 limited edition D-Day anniversary glasses serve two purposes:

  • To pay tribute to the sacrifices made on June 6, 1944
  • To help 16 WWII veterans get back to Normandy to be reunited on the battlefield with their brothers in arms

A portion of the proceeds from the Oakley SI 75th Anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell eyewear will go to the Best Defense Foundation.

One of the missions of the Best Defense Foundation is called Battlefield Returns. During Battlefield Returns, the Best Defense Foundation takes veterans back to the battlefield they fought on. Earlier this year, the foundation took seven Pacific War veterans back to the Mariana Islands and Iwo Jima. And this month, they will take 16 WWII veterans back to Normandy.

If you want to purchase a set of the Oakley SI 75th Anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell glasses, you must have an account on Oakley SI. There are several options to verify your branch of service or affiliation to the specific type of account you need. For example, I just created a new account and verified it using my USAA membership. The registration process took about 4 minutes– total. If you don't have a USAA account, there are multiple other ways to verify your status (be it military, law enforcement, or first responder).

The Oakley SI 75th Anniversary D-Day Fuel Cells launch on June 6th at 7 am PDT. Because there's a limited quantity, create your Oakley SI account and be ready to order the glasses when they launch.

More information about the Limited Edition Fuel Cells from Oakley SI:

6 June 1944- The allied victory on D-Day turned the tide of WWII, a pivotal moment liberating Europe from nazi control. Code name ‘Operation Neptune,’ the Normandy landing on D-Day is still regarded as one of the most ambitious military campaigns in history, and displays of heroism and resolve. Oakley SI has taken inspiration from this monumental event to create the limited edition 75th anniversary D-Day Fuel Cell. The trident, the weapon of Neptune, is displayed on the stem along with details of the five beach landings. additionally, a custom 75th-anniversary lens etch and custom microfiber bag.

To learn more about the Best Defense Foundation, visit

Visit Oakley SI at

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