The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle

On the Subject of Magazine Capacity…

…and just one of many reasons why limiting the number of rounds is a bad idea.

This video speaks for itself doesn't it? We could spend pages and pages on the reasons for higher magazine capacity. There is the potential need to engage multiple suspects, the likelihood that drugs, adrenaline, clothing, body armor, religious fervor, mental illness ad infinatum might make the continued application of deadly force a tragic necessity…however, chances are if you are reading this, you already understand this. Consider sharing the video with those who do not understand it.

This public service announcement came from MB Studio Productions. It will apparently not be the last. MB Studios, by the way, is the company behind the recent Indiegogo campaign launched to help fund Shoot to Thrill, a prospective television show intended to promote a positive image of responsible gun ownership.

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