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One Stamp Suppressed SBR: Save $200 With This One Simple Trick

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Photos by Kenda Lenseigne

The U.S. suppressor market is screwed up due to our insane laws. Because of the $200 transfer tax and monthslong wait time for approval, we gravitate toward cans that have the widest range of capabilities, no matter what host they’re destined for. 

So, we demand something that’s full-auto rated (despite not having a machine gun), able to be used on several different calibers, and is as quiet as possible. All of which leads to suppressors that are over-built for the tasks we typically ask of them, with an associated weight and cost penalty.

In this Build Sheet column, we looked for the minimum we could get away with in terms of a dedicated suppressed AR, which could be relied on for defense of hearth and home. To this end, we chose a Wyoming Arms 5 Cubed stainless steel suppressor, and pinned and welded it to a 12.5-inch Ballistic Advantage barrel, bringing its overall length to 16.75 inches. 

Although the can is touted as low back pressure, we still wanted to tune the gas system to different ammo, so a carbine length Dictator gas block and tube from Patriot Ordnance Factory was added to the mix. The front end was tucked under a Midwest Industries Nightfighter handguard, which left just enough clearance for everything to fit. Truth be told, we’d have preferred a tiny bit more gap between the gas block and rail. 

Despite being advised by MI to opt for one of their Suppressor Series rails, we wanted to keep things as slim as possible so put up with the trade-off. 

The heart of the system comprised an ADM receiver set and POF bolt carrier group. There’s a reason these receivers get so much use here at RECOIL. 

It’s due to their combination of excellent machine work and full ambi capabilities, while other receivers touting ambidextrous operation skip out on being able to lock the bolt back without swapping hands. This alone is worth the price of admission, particularly when dealing with type 2 stoppages. 

POF’s BCG includes their patented roller cam system, which reduces wear on the upper, and the gas key features a lug that eliminates reliance on the two screws found in Mil-spec carriers to resist shear forces. 

Lighting off primers is handled by a POF single-stage drop-in trigger, which breaks right at 4 pounds, and in keeping with the rest of the lower’s controls, a Radian ambi safety takes care of business.

Shuffling rearward, POF provided the receiver extension and end plate, while ADM’s heavy buffer provides additional delay to the BCG unlocking. A Hogue Ergo pistol grip gives a rubbery texture for wet or slippery hands to grab onto, while the stock we chose is Magpul’s iconic CTR. 

Everyone’s favorite polymer company also supplied the MS1 Lite sling and rail covers, along with a handstop to keep soft fleshy bits away from the hot can. 

We took the opportunity to update a SureFire Scout Light with a new turbo head, which allows a user to throw all the lumens in a tight pattern and gives us the ability to PID and engage targets up to 400 meters away, controlled by a pressure switch mounted on the 12 o’clock rail. 

A Nightforce NX8 in an ADM mount comprises the primary optic, while a Bushnell MRDS in a Daniel Defense 45-degree offset handles any backup duties.

So, how does the package work? Well, a .300 BLK with subs it ain’t. There’s still enough bark to make long range sessions without ear pro a painful experience, but for use around the ranch to drop chicken-thieving coyotes or to return fire in the event of a home invasion, there’s a useful reduction in sound and muzzle blast without feeling like there’s an anvil hanging off the front of the gun. 

With its tuned gas system and the can acting as a muzzle brake, this is one of the softest-shooting ARs we’ve ever come across. 


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