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Oni Gear Industries Roll Pin Tool

SOCAL Asian Mafia enforcer Nic Uyeji is HMFIC of a new company — Oni Gear Industries. He has some morale patches and assorted other pieces of swag available, but most interesting of his offerings is the forthcoming RPT (Roll Pin Tool). The RPT is designed to reduce the PITAF (Pain In The Ass Factor) that comes hand in hand with a 3/32 in. bolt catch assembly roll pin. Using this will eliminate the need for hemostats, pliers, third hand or prehensile tail to hold all of it while keeping the pin in place. This also makes it significantly less likely you'll scratch the receiver.

Oni Gear Industries RPT - 3

The RPT has a 3/32 hole in one end to hold the pin securely, was left in an unfinished color so you it stands out against all the black gun parts on your work bench and it's a hexagon so it won't roll away from you. The tool will help you get the pin down securely in the bolt catch but you'll still need to finish with a punch.

Oni Gear Industries RPT - 2

The RPT should be arriving in just a couple of weeks and will cost you about $20.

Watch and for updates.

Interesting trivia about Nic: his grandfather served in the 442ND Infantry Regiment, Go For Broke.

Oni Gear Industries RPT - 6Oni Gear Industries RPT - 4

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