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Options: PHLster, Vedder, & Werkz


FITS: SureFire X300U, Streamlight TLR-1

MSRP: $118 (bare shell), $138 (DCC clips), $194 (Enigma Express)

PHLster has graced many pages of CONCEALMENT and RECOIL alike, and the Floodlight is the most commonly seen model by a fair margin. In a world of ever-more pistols, what distinguishes the Floodlight is that it’s a light-bearing holster dependent on the weapon-mounted light itself, rather than a specific pistol/WML combination.

This sort of universality often comes with downsides (such as printer/ scanner/fax combinations), but what made the Floodlight so special is that it worked as well as any other PHLster product — provided the pistol is somewhere in the Glock-sized sphere. So when PHLster announced they were discontinuing the Floodlight, we weren’t surprised that it was to make room for an updated and improved model.

It retains what we loved about the original Floodlight: It’s easily ambidextrous, fits a bevy of pistols, and comes in models compatible with the SureFire X300U and Streamlight TLR-1.

The PHLster Floodlight2 is the first to feature their new ComfortScape technology, consisting of organic bands that smooth out all of the shapes, edges, and bumps of the holster to make it feel like one continuous surface against the body. Even with these new contours, the Floodlight2 is no wider than the original and is actually slimmer in parts.

The folks at PHLster studied where and how users modified the original Floodlight as a starting point for these changes.

ComfortScape also isn’t just about comfort but actually aids in concealment too. The placement of the bands around the light section are thicker and help prevent the holster from driving into your leg during dynamic movements without the need for an additional wedge.

The bands also round surfaces on the Floodlight2 that were flat on the previous Floodlight, helping the holster tuck better against the body.

Each shell of the Floodlight2 is actually different on the outside than the inside, which wasn’t possible in production before. This allowed PHLster to add all of the exterior ComfortScape features without sacrificing critical dimensions required for proper fit and retention.

Every Floodlight2 comes with a pair of DCC Mod 1.5-inch clips installed as standard; with the original, they were an optional upgrade. The Floodlight2 actually costs less than a Floodlight plus DCC clips, and as that was the most common bundle, PHLster ensures you save a bit of cash. Or if you already have clips, the Floodlight2 can be purchased as a bare shell.

The Floodlight2 is also available in several colors. Gone is the black, with the darkest available actually being charcoal. Pictured here is white ahem “Tundra,” and Earth and Sage are also available. Lighter colors provide better contrast when looking a pistol into the holster, especially helpful on training days.

Is it more comfortable than the original? Yes. Is it compatible with the PHLster Enigma system (see CONCEALMENT Issue #21)? Also yes.


FITS: Extensive list of fitments from 1911s and Glocks to Makarovs and Polish P-64s

MSRP: SideTuck starts at $135; ProTuck starts at $90

Vedder Holsters aims to provide well-designed, reasonably priced holsters with useful customization options and consistent turnaround times.

Their latest holsters, the SideTuck and ProTuck, are specifically designed for appendix carry and 4 to 6 o’clock inside-the-waistband carry, respectively. This is great if you know exactly how you like to carry, since the holster design can be tailored for it.

The AIWB SideTuck holster is constructed from Kydex with an attached custom magazine pouch. Two low-profile steel clips secure it to your belt, one on the holster and one on the pouch. There’s a claw on the holster and a bump on the pouch that both serve to keep everything tucked in tight to your body by pushing outboard against your belt.

The sweat guard is full length, just how we like it to keep metal off our skin — you can always trim it down if you prefer but you can’t make it longer. However, given all the other customization options, Vedder could consider adding sweat guard length as another. Retention is adjustable, and the sight channel accommodates tall sights.

The IWB ProTuck has a contoured Kydex shell with leather wings for the steel belt clips that conform to your body, spreading out the weight and making for a comfortable rig. There are four positions on each wing to install the clips, allowing you to dial in your desired cant and ride height. The ProTuck also has a full-length sweat guard, adjustable retention, and a roomy sight channel.

Both holsters are built to your specifications, from right- or wrong-handed to with or without optic cut to different belt widths. They’re offered in a dizzying array of colors and patterns, and the ProTuck can be ordered with different colors for the front and back as well as with your leather of choice

We’re big fans of purpose-built holsters, and these didn’t disappoint, providing the sort of comfort and concealment that comes with holsters designed for each type of carry. Moreover, Vedder offers a long list of fitments, accommodating our Glock 19 with Streamlight TLR-8A and an old-school West German SIG P225. If you’ve settled on your carry method, give these a try.


FITS: Glock, SIG Sauer, S&W, Springfield Armory, and others with Streamlight and Olight weapon-mounted lights

MSRP: $110

When potentially sending rounds downrange, positive identification of the threat is critically important. Thus, many folks opt to carry pistols with weapon-mounted lights. Werkz specializes in holsters for this.

Their latest offering, the Origin holster, incorporates everything they’ve learned to date into an outside-the-waistband holster that combines the comfort (and more) you’d expect from OWB carry along with more concealability than you’d expect

A pancake-style design, the Origin retains your weapon using the light, so it’s not intended for WML-less guns. Its interchangeable belt loops are widely spaced to provide for better weight distribution and comfort.

The gun is also positioned within the holster such that it minimizes the pokey bits that jab into your body. The Origin has a mid-height sweat shield; while this is personal preference, we’d have liked an option to extend it to full height. Additionally, it’s compatible with slide-mounted optics.

The Origin is designed to carry high with the pistol grip above your belt, for better concealment and ease of gripping the gun. It’s also undercut at the trigger guard so you can get a good grip.

To better hide the gun, the holster is structured to twist the pistol grip into the body and push the top of the gun tighter to the body with a built-in muzzle bump. This takes the place of claws and wedges that you’d find on many IWB rigs.

The cant angle and retention are adjustable, and you can also remove the belt loops and attach C-clips instead to carry the Origin inside the waistband, like a rebel.

For those who like to carry OWB, the Origin is a thoughtfully designed holster that’s as comfortable and effective as Werkz claims it is. We tested it with the Glock 17 shown here, with a Grey Ghost Precision top end, C&H Precision Weapons optic, and Streamlight TLR-7 light. It was very comfortable and held the gun tightly against the body, concealing it well, as long as you have an untucked shirt or cover garment.

If Werkz has a fitment for your gun/light combo, you should definitely check out the Origin holster.

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