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Outta the Closet – CRKT Crawford NECK

The CRKT Crawford N.E.C.K. is last ditch tanto style knife.  The N.E.C.K. stands for No-nonsense Emergency Compact Knife.  The knife is designed to be used when you can not use your primary weapon. Ideally, if you come around the corner and someone grabs your pistol in the pistol in your hand you could pull a knife like this as a way of freeing you from their grasp. You'd have to wear it in the right place and train with it, obviously, but that's the idea.


This small package can be stuffed just about anywhere but packs a real punch.

Touring the CRKT Crawford NECK

The N.E.C.K. is a tanto knife with a slight recurve on the main length of the blade.  The blade and handle are 0.14″ thick EDP coated skeletonized knife to reduce weight but still provide strength.  The blade is a fixed blade variant of the Triumph folder also produced by CRKT.


The slight recurve in the blade adds a tiny bit of cutting edge length when you need to slash

The molded sheath for the knife solidly holds it in in either tip up or down configuration.  Using a fancy push pull scale it releases just before 2lb's of pull.  The sheath has belt loops cut into that will fit belts up to 1.125″ tall.  The package also includes a mounting system that uses the grommets on the sheath to attach a quick release belt system.  This is a bit bulky though, and something like the Blade Tech MOLLE Lok might be a better method of attaching to wider belts or PALS equipped packs.  We would recommend CRKT's version but it has sadly been discontinued.


Despite its small size it still fits in these giant hands.

The other great accessory that you can pick up from CRKT for this knife is the Ban Hoy Biotac Harness.  This harness has multiple modes of carry for the knife that keep it off your belt line and concealed a bit.  Obviously know your laws on both knives and concealment to keep you out of legal hot water.  The harness is super easy to set up and allows the knife to be carried in the following ways.

Carry options include 1. Standard carry around the neck, fully adjustable for length; 2. Bio neck carry with underarm retention; 3. Bio neck carry with halter retention; 4. Waist carry, left or right; 5. Under shoulder carry with underarm retention; and 6. Small of back carry with dual shoulder cords.

The system works comfortably with open or concealed carry, and is adjustable to handle small to very large fixed blades. It is simple, lightweight, and inexpensive.


The Biotac unlike a neck chain ensures your knife is in the same spot you left it when you need it. The two straps help stabilize it.

The following video helps to illustrate the various methods of carry.


When held in reverse grip the lanyard makes up for the short handle length. Pinching it in your fingers helps you not slide forward when stabbing downward.

You can pick up this knife and many other inexpensive well built ones from CRKT here, you can also check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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