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Outta the closet: Manta Rails

I was never a fan of rubber rail covers, preferring G10 or plastic, until I took a look at the versatile products designed by Manta Rails.

They also offer Wire Routing Cross Clips and a Vertical Grip Sleeve, making all of their products part of a rugged and integrated system.

The rail covers quickly and easily attach to Picatinny rails, making them easier to hold onto while not wearing gloves. They go over the rails making them easier to trim to length as opposed to the ladder type rails that fit in the channels and pop out at the most inopportune times.


If you are running wires in order to activate a light or a laser you can eliminate the worry of snagging them on something and ripping off your device or even worse, cutting the wire.


Manta's Wire Routing Cross Clips are probably one of the best wire management tools we have ever seen. The Cross Clips allow you to manage and contain wires anywhere on your rail system.


You can run them parallel or perpendicular to your barrel and route your wires into a sleek package with over a dozen different routing options.


This unique design prevents the clip from being accidentally pulled away from the rail. The modular design allows you to interface this clip with any of the Manta products. The clips protect your wires from snags and external hazards without using unsightly jury-rigged pieces like wire ties or duct tape.

The Manta Vertical Grip Sleeve will fit vertical grips up to 1.25 inches in diameter. This sleeve becomes a part of the weapon system should you choose to use Manta’s pressure pads in conjunction with it.


You simply slide your switch into the pocket and slide the sleeve onto the grip. No more hose clamps, bicycle inner tubes, zip ties or electrical tape. The Vertical Grip Sleeve features a switch protection channel to aid in preventing accidental engagement.

The Grip Sleeve material stretches and conforms to most vertical grips up to 1.25 inches in diameter.


All of these products by Manta are available in three colors: black, tan and OD green. They are designed to resist extreme heat, abrasion and chemical agents and are standard issue to the USMC on the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.

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