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OutWest Systems’ OCAT Stretches Its Legs

OutWest Systems of Colorado Springs, CO has announced their OCAT Laser System to the shooting industry. The Optical Computer Aided Training (OCAT) system enables shooters from close range to [in excess of] 300 yards to easily see and track their rounds on target and shot placement.

The OCAT watches your target using a camera and a laptop computer loaded with their custom software.  As the user sends rounds downrange, the system reports and records each shot’s location, order and time. The OCAT notes the order of the shots and marks the target to track your hits.

The laser training mode allows the user to dry-fire a personal firearm indoors and gives the user the ability to train anywhere. Virtually any caliber bullet can be used on the system from pellet guns, airsoft guns all the way up to a .50 caliber weapon platform. All paper targets are compatible with the system; just include a target lock symbol (print out on any computer printer) with the target, or print out one of the target PDF files provided.

The OCAT Basic System Kit retails for $495 while the Deluxe System (as seen above) retails for $1,295. For more information and details on the OutWest Systems OCAT, log on to

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