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Gadget Fu: Pakayak – the Ultimate Packable Kayak

Do you like being out on the water? Have you ever thought about buying a kayak but didn't know where you could store it? Maybe you just don’t have the space? The Pakayak allows you to have the best of both worlds – a kayak that can reduce in size for easy storage/carry.
pakayak in and ou of backpack
This innovative design allows you to store the Pakayak anywhere, easily; even if you live in a small apartment. For traveling, instead of attaching it to the roof of your car, you can throw in in your trunk and haul it along with your camping gear. Alternatively, if the shore is off a ways through the woods or away from the road, just throw it on your back in rucksack fashion and make your way to the water. Sure beats carrying it above your head with someone. Awkward.

The Pakayak Bluefin 14 is a hard shell 14-foot kayak that nests inside itself, becoming just 3.5 feet long –and it fits into a bag.

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pakayak as a backpack

Pakayak – the Ultimate Packable Kayak

We want you to enjoy a lifetime of worry-free paddling so we designed the Pakayak to exceed all of our requirements for strength, watertightness and product life. Each of the sections of our Pakayak connect with a tongue and groove interlocking shape that compresses a silicone gasket to insure a watertight, dry boat. Each tongue and groove intersection acts as a bulkhead to increase the hull strength at the connecting seams. The sections are held together by our patented clamping system.

pakayak in ocean

Each clamp is rated to hold over 500 ft/lbs of force providing 2500 ft/lbs of force holding the Pakayak together at the cockpit and 2000 ft/lbs of force at the other sections. The silicone gasket is designed for years and years of use but in the event that it were to be torn or damaged, it can be replaced on the spot with no tools or glue.

As well, it’s easy to carry, travel and store and assembles under 5 minutes. Our clamps are as simple to use as the clamps on any toolbox, just clip, clip, clip and you’re done. The icing on the cake – there are no loose parts. Since our boats are designed and constructed using the identical processes of the most popular kayaks on the market today. What that means for you is that your Pakayak will perform and paddle just like a traditional kayak.

pakayak in gentle waters
For more information, specs and how to back them, visit their website, Kickstarter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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