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When last we saw Mike Full’s brainchild, the Full Conceal M3D on these pages (“Origami Glock” in CONCEALMENT 12), we were left with a conundrum at the end of the review.

Namely, the gun was primarily intended for what was referred to as “the casual concealed carrier,” the person who wants a way to have a firearm on their person without investing in support gear like belts and holsters and cover garments. This is a demographic who usually winds up happily tossing a Kel-Tec in a pocket holster and going about their merry way. The M3D, on the other hand, is priced closer to the Langdon Beretta end of the market, and probably a majority of the people swimming in that end of the pool have already invested in belts, holsters, & et cetera.

Speaking with Mike Full at the Full Conceal booth at SHOT 2020, he outlined the essential dilemma of the M3D: To wit, they had to start the manufacturing process out by buying a Glock, and that definitely imposed a hard price floor on the original M3D handgun.

With this in mind, Full and crew set out to make a more affordable Full Conceal, a folding compact pistol.

The result was on display in the booth in the form of the new Full Conceal M3D-S6. The S6 nomenclature was a reminder to Full and his team of the project’s goal, a sub-$600 version of the M3D, and they squeaked under the target with the new gun sporting an MSRP of $599.

The cost savings are accomplished in three main ways. First, the frame is sourced from an aftermarket company selling Glock clone frames. Full’s team brings the costs down significantly in that area alone.

The second area where costs were held down is in the barrel, which is again a third-party sourced barrel, appearing to be stainless left in the white. Finally, Full Conceal has upgraded their in-house machinery to let them machine their own slides. These feature the relief areas and lightening cuts that are practically expected on aftermarket Glock slides these days, which not only look cool but also bring the weight down noticeably below that of the standard factory Glock-based M3D. There weren’t any scales handy in the booth, but the difference was apparent in the hand.

Will it perform as well as the original M3D did in our testing? We hope to find out.

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