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Pat Mac’s Sentinel Series

Regular RECOIL contributor Pat McNamara, or “Pat Mac”, is one of the most highly regarded teacher-trainers in the industry. Whether he's teaching via TMACS INC, through the auspices of Alias Training or through videos from Panteao Productions or BCM, McNamara has a reputation for really “laying the knowledge on ya.” He does this utilizing the experience he earned in a 22 year career in the Army, 13 of which were spent in an SMU (Special Mission Unit), from which he retired as a Sergeant Major (see more in the videos below) before going on as a civilian to help develop the Asymmetrical Warfare Group.

As some of you reading this are aware, McNamara wrote a book called The Sentinel a couple of years back (Become the Agent in Charge of your Own Protection Detail). In it he discusses mindset, simple techniques and strategies for home and family protection — if you haven't read it, you should. This isn't a theoretical treatise on prepping your family to assault a terrorist stronghold, it's a practical discussion on how anyone can be better prepare to deal with realistic emergencies and equally realistic violent encounters. You can buy that book here.

A few months ago McNamara teamed up with Tyler Grey for a web video series, produced by Larry Vickers, based on that book. Here's some background on that. You can find the ongoing web series in its current entirety here.

McNamara the Sentinel 2

Here's a little more about Pat Mac. We'll discuss his Sentinel video cohort Tyler Grey in a future post.

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