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Pat McNamara training videos coming soon from Panteao

Panteao Productions tells us that none other than former SOF soldier (and RECOIL contributor) retired US Army Sergeant Major Pat “Mac” McNamara will soon be featured in a series of instructional videos. Mac spent 22 years in Special Operations units, including 13 in the DoD's foremost Special Mission Unit. He's a combat veteran of many nasty places who instructs basic and advanced marksmanship and tactics to military personnel, LEOs and responsible armed citizens alike.

Says Panteao,

“His military experience quickly taught him that there is more to tactical marksmanship than merely squeezing the trigger. Utilizing his years of experience, McNamara developed a training methodology that is safe, effective and combat relevant and encourages a continuous thought process. This methodology teaches how to maintain safety at all times and choose targets that force accountability, as well as provides courses covering several categories, including individual, collective, on line and standards.”

Of course, you probably already knew that — you read RECOIL. McNamara-joins-Panteao

More information right here. Mac's website can be found here.


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