The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle

Peace, private property and safety – it requires a credible threat

Peace, private property and “safety” cannot exist without the credible threat of superior violence being used in its maintenance. John Chapman

Chappy speaks the truth.

“Peace is, at best, a temporary condition for humans; while war is the normal state of affairs. Our society has fashioned a facade of stability protected by our ability to kill anyone who opposed us, anywhere in the world. That facade is crumbling because we have forgotten these fundemental rules of human interaction, and refuse to see the world and the human condition as it really is. Most Americans cannot bring themselves to accept the reality of what keeps the wolves out of their homes, and will deny this reality until their wishful thinking and utopian superiority complex kills our country from sectarian divisions within, and the world is plunged into the next dark age.”

John Chapman 2

John Chapman is the founder and director of training at LMS Defense. He's a retired police lieutenant (former sergeant, FTO, SWAT officer et al) who also worked as a PSC contractor. When he's not busy teaching or chewing Job Plant Spikes to keep that awesome beard growing he does videos for Panteao Productions. You can find his Panteao profile here.

John Chapman

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