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Perfect Gift for Gun-Toting Women: Beau + Arrow

I’ve been waiting for this- anticipating the day when I could carry my gun discretely while still maintaining some sense of style. When I found Beau + Arrow on Instagram, I immediately starting crushing over their stunning products.


Every woman who owns a gun should carry it. But, it’s not realistic to think we can always carry on our person; concealed carry purses are a wonderful option.


When I unpackaged the Beau + Arrow Kate bag, I was in awe of its design. Beauty only goes so far, but the functional characteristics surpassed the appearance of the purse.

From first impressions, the features I like are:

-Dedicated concealed carry compartment
-Repositionable holster
-Sturdy zippers
-Padded shoulder strap
-Several interior pockets
-Soft leather
-Solid, strong construction of the bag
-Ambidextrous access to the carry compartment



I was eager to see if the Beau + Arrow bag would accommodate a full size gun. It did. I can now carry a gun with extended base pads if I want to. Its nice not being forced to carry a matchbox-car-sized gun. I can carry a full size pistol in my purse and a small-framed gun IWB. That’s a lot of bullets, and lots of ammo makes me happy.


I’ve had this purse in my hands for just under a month, and absolutely love it. While the price of Beau + Arrow purses could be considered high-end, it directly reflects the quality and craftsmanship. Beau + Arrow is currently running a holiday promotion. Use the discount code “holiday” to receive 40% any of their bags.


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