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Phoenix Weaponry Produces .45-70 Government AR

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No, check the date–April 1st it is not. We've seen ARs produced in many calibers: 300blk, 6.8SPC, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260Rem, 9mm, .45ACP, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf, 6.5 Grendel, .22TCM, .224 Valkyrie, 5.45, .300 Win Mag, 7.62tok, 375 GrizzinatAR and many more. But we admit, this is the first one we've heard of in .45-70 Government.

Originally designed in 1873 for the “Trapdoor” Springfield Model 1873, it still holds some popularity among American hunters today. With projectile weights ranging from 300 to 500 grains, the .45-70 can pack a lot of ass behind it. Colorado-based Phoenix Weapons just announced a production of an AR in .45-70. Dubbed the Christine, Phoenix Arms starts out with a .308 billet aluminum receiver set, standard .308 bolt carrier group, and finishes it with a Douglas 21-inch 4140 1/14 twist .45-70 barrel. Unfortunately, due to the AR being a magazine-fed rifle, the .45-70 shells themselves have to have the rims turned off to work properly. Additionally, Phoenix Arms modifies Magpul 7.62 AR magazines, giving the shooter a capacity of six rounds–though the capacity is low, it still beats the original Trapdoor by five rounds.

Here's what they have to say about it:

With the high level of interest in our 45-70, I thought I would share some of the background on this project. This gun started out as a personal project that has been languishing on the back burner for several years. This year we had the opportunity to bring my idea to fruition, and we are very excited with the results. We appreciate you all for showing the same excitement. This project was made possible by my team at the shop.

This is built on our RFL (308) upper/lower with a custom barrel and barrel bushing. This being said, we can build you one in any configuration, caliber, finish – we can do whatever you want, your budget permitting.

The cartridge is a 45-70 modified to be rimless (as pictured in the magazine). If you have a lathe to modify the brass, we can sell you the form cutter, or you can buy already modified brass from us.


Specifications include:

UPPER RECIEVER: Precision CNC machined and trued from billet 7075-T7 aluminum, 1913 Picatinny flat top rail section, slick-side style(removed forward assist and brass deflector), and machined for mil spec dust cover
BARREL: 4140 Chromoly18″ 1/14 twist Duglass Airgage Button Rifled 8 Grouves Ultra Rifling Custom Profiled Barrel
GAS SYSTEM: Direct impingement, Phoenix Weaponry custom designed and built, light-weight, ultra-low profile, stainless steel adjustable gas block. Rifle length gas tube
HANDGUARD: 15”, lightweight, free-floating, modular handguard. Proprietary barrel nut with screw lock mounting system for increased stability and strength
DUST COVER: Billet dust cover when closed is flush with rest of receiver completing the slick side look
MUZZLE DEVICE: Phoenix Weaponry “Chevron” muzzle brake, CNC machined from 4130 chromoly
BOLT CARRIER GROUP: Standard .308 Bolt Carrier Group
LOWER RECEIVER: Precision CNC machined and trued from billet 7075-T7 aluminum.
TRIGGER GROUP: Phoenix custom 3lb. trigger
CHARGING HANDLE: Standard .308
BUTTSTOCK: Magpul ACS Stock in FDE
COATED: Cerakote FDE (other colors availble in Duracoat & Cerakote)
MAGAZINE: Modified Magpul 10 Round Magazine 6 Round Capacity
WEIGHT: 9.75lbs


You can visit Phoenix Weaponry here.

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