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Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Pants Redesign

Clothing Arts just released their third version of their popular Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants.  While the word proof used in most things might be a misnomer, in these pants it appears to be the truth. They have a record of “saves”, both at home and abroad.


The previous version of these had one secure pocket now these pants boast five places to keep your valuable safe from the sticky bandits (my Google fu must be weak; can't seem to find that Home Alone clip).


I can say that I know the feeling of having your wallet lifted when traveling.  It doesn't leave a good feeling in your stomach and its crazy expensive to get all your id's back I would have killed for these pants at the time.  I wasn't even in an area that's known for pick-pockets.  Thankfully the cops called me a day later after finding my wallet sans the $50 Monopoly money (Canadian money is very colorful) and my free sub at Subway.


When traveling light the last thing you want is to badly stain one of your only pants thankfully the Nature-Like Nylon has got you covered and your beer will just roll off.


If cargo pockets aren't your thing you can get the Business Khaki they make that still has secure upper pockets but blends in a bit better at that fancy Italian place.

These pants retail for $109.95 which is much less then buying all new cards.

You can check out their other products here, or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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