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Pistol Drill: 3-Style

This drill is a great way to reinforce the fundamentals of marksmanship by forcing you to use your strong and support hands under time pressure. If you don’t concentrate on your trigger press and releasing the shot without disturbing your sight picture, then you’ll wind up shanking rounds into the dirt — either low and left with your strong hand, or low and right with your support hand. For a video of how to run the drill, go to the Training Tuneups channel at RECOILtv.

Distance: 7 yards

Target: 8-inch dot

Weapon: handgun, three magazines


Load and make ready. Standing at the 7-yard line, set your timer to a 5-second PAR time. On the beep, draw and using both hands, place as many rounds on target as possible.

For your second string, reset the timer to a 6-second PAR time, load, and make ready. At the beep, draw strong hand only and place as many rounds in the target as possible.

For your third string, reset timer to 7.5 seconds, load, and make ready. At the beep, place as many rounds as possible into the target, support-hand only, including the draw.

Your goal should be to have more than 25 shots inside the dot. More is better.

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