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Plinker Systems

Not everyone goes to the range to train. Some people like to go to have a good time.  Shooting at paper can only remain fun for so long.  Zombie targets, card games and other fun targets lose their pizzaz after awhile.  When you take a new person to the range their first hit on a steel target usually brings a big smile to their face.  The audible ping it makes is like a reward for doing good.

Pavlov would be proud.


You can see the laser diodes being set up

Plinker Systems designed a steel target system for indoor ranges.  The Plinker target has 9 plates that end up having a laser aimed at them based on what game you load up.  When you shoot at the plate that is illuminated with a laser it marks it as a hit and moves you to the next target.  This then gives you a score and uploads it to Shoot Plinker so you can compare against friends or others. This also allows ranges to compete against each other to see who is collectively the best.

Competition also brings in people who want to get better, meaning they will buy more ammo if its a range you have to buy ammo at.  It also may get groups like a bachelor parties trying to best their friends.  Who knows you may become one of the fastest shooters at this game.

Bush Enos Marietta, GA

“Hey this is like Whack-a-Mole with pistols…….I haven't had this much fun since shooting milk jugs outdoors – and I didn't even break a sweat. Now, let me go get some more ammo. I'm ready to do that again.”

The quote above is what had us the most interested in the system.  Whack-a-Mole was a childhood favorite and being able to do it with a pistol makes it even better.  They don't have a random option though as they say it breeds whiners.  Instead they say have a partner pick the game so you wont know whats coming up.  We understand the reasoning behind their decision but a training mode that doesn't upload your scores would be a good idea.

Check out Plinker Systems here and see if your local range might be interested in adding one of these systems.  You should also check out their Facebook and give this new company a like.

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