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Five Industry Authorities Reveal Their Pocket Dump

Once again we bring you a group of professionals and their everyday carry (EDC) items. Though all are involved in the firearms industry, each professional brings something different to the table in terms of background, experience, work environment, and body type.

There are some surprising items,  and some others more mundane. Something that stood out to us with the pros featured in this issue was the increased prevalence of tourniquets. There are now more plainclothes TQ carry options than ever before, and if you don’t carry one perhaps you should strongly consider it. As far as the mundane, yet again we have N+1 plastic fantastic Glock pistols. But in all fairness none of them are entirely plain-Jane stock models.

While you may think that someone with a smaller frame would carry a smaller gun and EDC in general, you’ll see that this isn’t always the case. You’ll find it comes down to priorities (and often quality of concealment gear available). As usual, our advice is to consider each EDC, consider the context in which it’s carried, and compare it to your own individual setup.

And remember, an EDC is something you actually carry, not just post on Instagram.

Craig Douglas


Organization: ShivWorks
Position: Interdisciplinary Trainer
Military/LE Experience: Retired law enforcement/narcotics agent
Highest military/LEO rank: Captain
Survival/emergency preparedness background: Our community took a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and I was in charge of the west side of our county for 21 days. It was an invaluable experience in everything going wrong, and brought out the best and worst in people.

EDC Items:
> Boresight Solutions Duty Series Glock 19
> Keepers Concealment “Keeper” Appendix Carry holster
> ShivWorks Clinch Pick
> Dark Star Gear Clinch Pick sheath
> Quark Tactical single cell light
> Omega Seamaster 2254


Philosophy on EDC items:
I carry a Boresight Solutions Glock 19, as I believe it’s the best bridge between a full-size fighting pistol and a sub-compact. Ben Simonsen’s modifications make it eminently more shootable. The Keepers Concealment holster is one I had some input in designing, and Spencer works with me to get things tweaked exactly to my liking.

The Clinch Pick is my design, and now we’re having them mass-produced overseas, so they’re available and inexpensive. It’s based around my experiences as an undercover officer, working extensively in vehicles. Tom Kelly of Dark Star Gear makes the best minimalist sheath for the Clinch Pick so that coincides with my below noted philosophy.

Finally, the Quark Tactical single-cell light is very bright for its size and is something I can carry in my front or back pocket, depending on how I’m dressed.

My personal philosophy on EDC is that, in general, it should be minimalist and be able to stay on you if you’re jumping fences, running, or fighting on the ground. I think a good litmus test of a daily EDC is if it will stay on your person in a 45-second ground fight when you’re on the bottom.

Wallet is from Brookstone, picked up to reduce what I sit on for long trips —strictly for license and a couple of cards; cash is carried in the front pocket.

The watch is an Omega Seamaster 2254, now discontinued, that has the older MoD markers that are easier to see. I usually wear a Seiko Tuna Can 300M for fieldwork.

Missy Gilliland


Organization: Armageddon Gear
Position: VP of operations

EDC Items:
> Glock 43
> Crossbreed Mini Appendix Holster with UltiClip 3
> Multitool:  Multitasker Series 2X
> Lucid Tac Pen
> Bic lighter
> Bushnell Powersync Mini

Philosophy on EDC items:
Pistol: I own a few Glocks, and this one is my favorite. Not only is it reliable, but its slim-lined design is perfect for my small-framed body with on-body carry. If I’m wearing a dress, I can use my Can Can Concealment Garter Holster with it.

Holster setup: I wear this everyday comfortably and love the fit of this holster. I have added the UltiClip 3 so that I can wear my holster without a belt.

Multitool: I carry the Multitasker Series 2 because it is functional for every situation. Sometimes a knife just isn’t enough!

Pen: I carry the Lucid Tac Pen for multiple reasons other than needing some ink! Made of hard anodized 6061 aluminum, it has a piercing end that you can use as either self-defense or needing to break glass.

Lighter: I carry a simple Bic lighter. I think it’s important to always have a way to make fire. I don’t smoke but there are many other uses for this.

Bushnell Powersync Mini: This device is a must in your purse or range bag. This nifty device has solar panels that when you roll it out, it charges using sunlight. If you are off the grid and lose power on your phone or other device, you can recharge them using the Bushnell Powersync.

I believe it’s imperative to carry these essential items every day due to how crazy this world has become. You never know when you might be placed in a situation where one of these items will play a vital role. I like to be prepared for any situation, and with these essential items, I feel that I am. If I’m traveling to one of my many competitions, I add to my carry for what I need in my vehicle as well as in my purse or on my body. My EDC is not only for a survival situation; to me, it’s what I can use on a daily basis to make my life easier.

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