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Pocket Tools from Auxiliary Manufacturing

I stumbled across this page while researching some multi-tools a few days ago. The company is called Auxiliary Manufacturing. It appears to be a one-man show operated by a craftsman who builds miniature prybars and other pocket tools working with copper, bronze, titanium and other materials.

Auxiliary Manufacturing 2

According to their Instagram account,

“Making handmade pocket tools in the USA 🇺🇸. No orders, no stress.”

Auxiliary Manufacturing 6

Auxiliary Manufacturing 5

Hell, what's not to like about that description?

Looks like whenever they (he?) has some new gear available (like these hammered copper pry bars) a notice is posted.

Auxiliary Manufacturing 3

To wit:

💥SALE💥 Up for sale are five hammered copper pry bars. They are $55 shipped conus. If you don't like the email method for buying feel free to pop into the web store. As always thanks for looking, liking, and supporting! 🍻 TO BUY: Comment with your email address, and you'll receive a secure checkout link.

Auxiliary Manufacturing 7

I'll end with some outstanding product placement on AM's part. Learn more on Instagram (@auxiliarymanufacturig) or on the store page,

Auxiliary Manufacturing 4

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