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POF Releases Direct Impingement AR

What's old is new again, or as POF puts it, “Olde School”. POF is well known for their piston rifles but have decided to dip their toes back into traditional waters. But with some upgrades. Check out this image that they put out

The text reads:

The term Olde School dates back to the early 1800's. It refers to a traditional and common way of doing things. The Olde School from POF uses a direct impingement operating system and is packed full of function benefits that POF excels at delivering like complete ambidextrous controls, 11.5″ M-LOK compatible M-Rail, E2 extraction technology and a straight inconel® gas tube. The inconel® gas tube takes reliability to the max by nearly doubling the heat the gas tube can sustain. The Olde School truly combines the old with the new.

More details will be forthcoming but in the meantime visit POF's homepage here or follow them on Facebook here 

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