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Pork Picnic with a Desert Eagle

It's hard to find a handgun more flashy and ‘American' than the Desert Eagle, even though it was designed across the pond over in Israel. Though this famous .50 caliber pistol may be a largely impractical firearm that's hard to conceal and carry, it currently holds a high place in the vast nebula of American popular culture.

So of course when Tom Nardone, the president of BulletSafe Buletproof Vests, decides to shoot some things with it, it should be unsurprising. One could successfully argue that other calibers would be a better test of efficacy, but it just wouldn't have the same style. Nardone starts by shooting into one of his vests. He then dissects and inspects it, before moving on to a pair of pork shoulders. There are probably easier ways to make pulled pork, but this is one of the more entertaining ways that we've seen.

Here's what they have to say about it:

They say pig flesh is very similar to human flesh, so what will happen when we shoot two pork shoulders with a .50 Cal Desert Eagle, one of the world's most powerful handguns? What will happen when we use the same gun on the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. At $299 it is one of the best values in bulletproof vests.

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