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Powertraveller Powermonkey “Expedition” 5-way charger may be a game changer

This is the Powermonkey Expedition Charger, which may set a whole new standard for “off-grid charging devices”. With the Expedition, you can use solar, wind, water, hand-crank or AC to juice it back up, all in one package or in separately in its modular pieces. It's lightweight, compact, multi-function and waterproof (all very significant qualities), with a 10,500mAh lithium polymer battery inside the body. I've been promised an exact spec sheet as soon as one is available.

Note: they had me at Ranulph Fiennes (watch the video). I must admit to looking at him as an old school bad ass. Even through that filter though, the word from Outdoor Tactical Enterprises about this latest charger from Powertraveller is damned impressive.


The hand crank has a gear ratio of 32:1 and 5 volts to 2 amps; it's very simple to utilize (press the hand crank on and wind it up) and easily stored. For wind power, you simply affix the mouse-ear looking wind arms to the cap and attach it to the body and set it up with the assembled foundation. If conditions require it (high wind, etc.) you can further secure it with bungees, 550 cord, etc. The wind unit will spin up to approximately 3,500 rpm, powering up at 12 knots to begin charging (that's approximately 14mph, about the strength needed to extend a light flag). Note that it can charge in multiple capacities to reduce charging time. In other words, you can have it recharging from solar power and wind power simultaneously (assuming there is a wind and you're not sitting in the dark of course). You can further daisy chain it utilizing both a 5v and 12v adapter to charge more than one object at a time, i.e. the Expedition can be generating power via sun and wind while concurrently recharging both your sat phone and iPad (or whatever the case may be).


Powertraveller anticipates additional features like a butane turbine in the future.

The Powertraveller Powermonkey Expedition was recently a gold medal winner at the ISPO Munich trade show, which had over 2,500 exhibitors displaying their products. You can learn more about the Powermonkey Expedition Charger here; contact Outdoor Tactical Enterprises for anticipated shipping date, MSRP and further specifics.

Power-Traveller-Expedition wins Munich ISPO Gold


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