The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle

Pragmatism: Focus on the 25m Target

Words of wisdom from John Mosby:

“Yes, the Apocalypse MIGHT happen tomorrow, and you’ll need to be able to shoot cannibalistic San Franciscans in the face at 500M with your tricked-out M1A. Yes, tomorrow you COULD be raided by Russian Spetznaz troops parachuted in to execute a top-secret extradition mission on you, as a leader of the “III% Resistance.” Yes, it’s POSSIBLE that, on your way to work, you could witness a vanload of MS13 gangsters carjack a Suburban full of University of Oklahoma cheerleaders, and have time to kit up and roll out heavy with your M4 and the dude who carpools to work with you might be similarly armed and equipped, so you apply your SUT training and rescue the princesses…..

But, you know what bad shit is far more likely to happen? It’s far more likely that you MIGHT get mugged at gun or knife point in the grocery store parking lot and lose your groceries, your cash, your bank card, and your pickup. It’s far more likely that—if you’re a cop or an open-carry activist—that some dick at the grocery store will grab your gun and run off with it, leaving you winded and embarrassed, when you have to report the weapon stolen, and then you find out it was used in a mass murder.”

Hat tip to Greg Gorillafritz of Active Response Training (though in fairness I'd be more worried about University of Tulsa or Oklahoma State University cheerleaders than OU).

What's the point? You need to focus on the 25 meter target.

If you're not reading Mountain Guerrilla, start. If you're not following Active Response Training, start.

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