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Precision Rifle Expo: Do You Vudoo?

Precision rifles just got more addictive and fun, thanks to Vudoo Gun Works. Vudoo Gun Works has taken the .22 to a whole new level with their line of .22lr precision rifles. Vudoo offers 5 different, purpose-built models, all utilizing their patented Vudoo Rimfire repeater action with control round feed.


Whether you’re big or small, headed into the bush, slaying squirrels, or looking for a trainer to fine-tune your match skills, they have a rifle for you. Vudoo makes it easy to completely customize your rifle, while also leaving the option to purchase just the barreled action.

Vudoo 3

These little rifles were popular among Precision Rifle Expo attendees. Expo-goers plinked out to 200 yards, and many even engaged in a little healthy competition on the dreaded KYL rack for a chance to win their very own Vudoo.

Vudoo 6

Vudoo currently offers five different models to meet almost any need:

  • The Crow is purpose-built with the smaller shooter in mind. With a length of pull of only 13-inches, it makes a perfect rifle for the youngsters in your family.
  • The Raven, while very similar to the Crow, has a bit longer length of pull, and makes the perfect rifle for an afternoon hunt.
  • The Sinister rifle is the most versatile of the bunch. It has all of the hunting capabilities of the Crow and Raven, but with a more tactical style stock that makes it perfectly capable of a strong finish at a match.
  • The Ravage is a bit heavier and gives the option for a longer barrel on a stock with an adjustable cheek riser.
  • The Apparition also gives the option for a longer barrel and more weight to the rifle but with the option of several different but equally incredible chassis made by J Allen, Masterpiece Arms, Accuracy International, XLR, or KRG.

Vudoo 5

To check out all of the available options, or to start building your custom Vudoo Gun Works .22, visit Vudoo online at

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