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Precision Rifle Expo: Manners Composite Stocks

New this year from Manners, and on display at the Precision Rifle Expo, was the MCS-CS, Manners’ fully adjustable, compact, rifle stock. There is something to be said for having a rifle that is deadly accurate while still being compact enough to go anywhere you need it to go.


If you are looking to build a compact, lightweight setup to throw in your backpack and head out to the woods, use as an easy to stow truck gun, or even just to get your kids started with… this stock is a great place to start.


This stock boasts a quick and easy to adjust buttstock system, which has nine possible positions. The positions give a length of pull range from 10.25” to 13.5”. These adjustments can be made simply with the push of a button.


It's designed for a Remington 700 style short action and a barrel contour of up to M24. Not only is it compact, but if you want to keep it as light, it can be ordered in Manners’ Elite Tactical shell which brings the weight down to less than 3 pounds. The Elite Tactical shell option means you get all of the same technology of the standard stocks, but made with a shell that is 100% carbon fiber, making it not only lightweight, but strong.


The MCS-CS can be ordered fully customized directly from Manners. Or you can purchase one, ready to ship, from Core Shooting Solutions with a Defiance Deviant Action Inlet, M5 Detachable Bottom Metal Inlet, PROOF Research Carbon Fiber Sendero Barrel inlet, bipod sling swivel mount, and two QD flush cups.


The pictured rifle is a Vudoo barreled action in .22LR, with a TriggerTech trigger, Harris bipod, and a Bushnell LRHS scope.

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