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Precision Rifle Expo: Superior Shooting Systems

Superior Shooting Systems has an impressive array of products that you will find in virtually every aspect of the precision rifle world. Owned and operated by David Tubb, a distinguished shooter who has won 11 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship titles, seven Sportsmen's Team Challenge Championships, six NRA Long Range Rifle National Championships, and is also an NRA Silhouette Rifle legend, having won nearly 30 open, individual National Championship titles in all four rifle categories. This experience has allowed him to bring forth an impressive innovation in guns and gear.


The Tubb Adaptive Target Rifle aka the “TubbGun” is one of the most adaptive and flexible platforms available on the market. The most distinguishable feature of the TubbGun is the Barrel-Extension System. This system allows easy barrel changes and gives the shooter the ability to choose between various barrels which can be installed with ease using the provided toolkit. A removable bolt head allows easy adaptation of different calibers: standard, magnum, and 338 case head diameters.



At Superior Shooting Systems, you will also find a wide variety of helpful gear and accessories for your rifle. Tubb created the non-symmetrical bipod, a stable and versatile support. This bipod was created using out of the box concepts, and gives you a multitude of positions and heights that are rarely achievable in other bipods. The ability to rotate and move the legs independently, as well as tilting them in opposite directions helps the shooter easily adapt to different terrain and achieve a much wider base. Lastly, this bipod can be rotated 360 degrees around its axis.

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For a complete list of all of the products offered by Superior Shooting Systems as well as how-to and demonstration videos, visit their website.

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