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Preparedness Month: Bug Out Bag Guns from Student of the Gun

Paul Markel has added a new segment called “tailgate talk” to his show on Student of the Gun. This first installment is Bug Out Bag Guns. Since according to the Center for Disease Control, this September is the 10TH annual “National Preparedness Month“, it seemed like an apropos topic for an entire month dedicated to SHTF/TEOTWAKI/WROL matters.

“Everyobdy knows what a bugout bag is right? It's that emergency bag that's full of stuff that you grab and go and take it with you just in case of an emergency; but it doesn't do you any good to have a bugout bag all filled with food and water and supplies and flashlights and all that good jazz if the first crackhead with a straight-razor walk up and take it away from you, right?”

There are a few topics preceding the “Bugout Bag Gun” segment; if you want to skip right to it, fast forward straight to 13:44.

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