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2009 Hummer H3 – Plan B Rig

 When Things Go Bad, It's This Way Out

Not every day can be full of rainbows and sunshine, so when skies turn dark and threatening, it's best to have a Plan B. Whether you are escaping quickly eroding civility in the city, or just trying to get to higher ground to outlast the storm, it is important to chose a vehicle wisely and outfit it smartly.

Over the years, the experts at our sister publication Four Wheeler have built many vehicles with exactly that mindset. One such rig was the 2009 Hummer H3 Alpha you see here. Adding to a factory foundation that included a 4:1 transfer case, front and rear electric lockers, and a 300-horsepower, 5.3-liter, V8 engine, Four Wheeler built this H3 in conjunction with Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights, Illinois, to survive the toughest trails, making it a solid choice to escape in.

To make sure this daily-driven H3 could be called upon as a dependable escape capsule, Four Wheeler outfitted it with the best products available to increase its capability and durability. While the freeways and highways are clogged with vehicles trying to flee town, this H3 will be comfortably navigating long-forgotten back roads with minimal effort.

Whether taking the family on a recreational trail ride, or packing them up for a trip to relative safety, this H3 embodies what we look for in a bugout truck. In doing so, we have our Plan B, and we hope it will give you ideas for yours. If everything works out, we'll see you at the rendezvous point.


1. Protection
Quick getaways can sometimes be messy. By messy, we mean you might have to ram or scale something, or someone, that's in your way. It's best to have planned for this tiny contingency ahead of time by equipping your rig with some protection, such as the grille guard and rocker guards you see here. With the vitals protected, you can ram away with reckless abandon.
Brand: Hummer Parts Warehouse
Model: Brush Grille Guard; Rocker Panel Protectors
MSRP: Grille $560; Rocker $580

2. Auxiliary Lighting
Seeing through fog, dust, or even smoke can minimize the best factory headlights. To ensure you have enough visibility in perilous situations, auxiliary lighting is a must. This H3 is equipped with enhanced halogen lamps that not only light up the immediate path before you, but also provide perimeter illumination around the rig. In case of a carjacking, you can temporarily blind your attacker by flipping a switch. It is also a nice way to keep nocturnal predators at bay.
Brand: PIAA
Model: 2100 Series Xtreme White Halogen Lamps
MSRP: $247 pair

3. Aggressive Tires
All-terrain tires are a great choice for rigs that have to serve a dual purpose, such as negotiating both on-road and off-road terrain. BF Goodrich's All-Terrain T/A KO tires feature three sidewall plies for renowned puncture resistance. The sizable rubbers offer great traction on the highway, and ample siping means this tire can perform in snow and ice. If you know you are going to be driving toward hell, you may want to consider upgrading to BFG's tougher Mud-Terrain T/A KM2. If your destination is truly unknown, these are the type of tires to have.
Brand: BFGoodrich
Model: All-Terrain T/A KO Tire; Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 Tire (LT285/75R16/E)
MSRP: T/A KO $1,084 (set of four); T/A KM2 $1,148 (set of four)

4. Winch
When you are planning on being self-sufficient, you probably aren't going to have anyone around to help you out if you get stuck, or you need to remove debris out of your way. For these situations, nothing makes more sense than a self-recovery winch. Mounted on a DeFelice Offroad Innovations hidden winch mount, the Warn winch is protected by heavy skidplating until called up for duty. DeFelice's full-length Up Armor skidplate package makes dragging your belly over obstacles a worry-free affair.
Brand: Warn
Model: XD9000 Winch
MSRP: $1,357
Brand: DeFelice Offroad Innovations
Model: H3 Winch Mount; Up Armor Skidplate System
MSRP: $770; N/A


1. Roof Rack
If you are abandoning your home for safer ground, chances are the inside of your rig is filled with family members, your dog Sarge, and enough provisions to sustain your passengers. In this case, cargo room is at a premium, and the next best option is to install a roof rack to expand your cargo-carrying capability. With increased storage, you won't have to pick and choose what (or who) you bring along.
Brand: Gobi
Model: Hummer H3 Stealth Extended Roof Rack
MSRP: $1,649

2. Wheels
Beadlock wheels are great for low-tire-pressure situations, but if you like the look and don't want to hassle with beadlocks, GT's Simulock simulated beadlock wheels are a viable choice. While these modified wheels won't hold your bead on any better than a stock wheel when aired down, they do provide an added layer of protection for the wheel against trail insurgents.
Brand: GT
Model: Simulock Wheel
MSRP: $2,375 (set of four)

3. Paint
Nothing says business like flat paint. This H3 was completely dechromed and applied with flat paint, eliminating glare back to the driver while using the auxiliary lighting at night and minimizing reflections from the sun. This helps the H3 stay better camouflaged and harder to find during those times you just need to be lost.
Brand: PPG
Model: Deltron DC4000 Velocity Premier Clear; DCH3085 Mid-Temp Hardener; DX685 Urethane Flattening Agent
MSRP: $3,000 (estimated)

4. Exhaust
When your rig sounds mean, people tend to think you are mean. When people think you are mean, they tend to leave you alone. Being left alone means you won't be forced to defend yourself and your family from those with dubious motives. An after-cat exhaust is a great way to let people know you are serious, while also boosting fuel economy and engine power. A full-stainless exhaust, such as the MagnaFlow duel-split style here, is also more durable and less likely to corrode from travelling through dubious fluids.
Brand: MagnaFlow
Model: Stainless Cat-Back System Performance Exhaust
MSRP: $801

5. Communications
The ability to communicate with the outside world is one of the most important aspects of being alone. For travel through areas with minimal cellular coverage, a cell-phone booster, such as this one by Wilson, can mean the difference between getting an SOS out or being buried in the backcountry.
Brand: Wilson Electronics
Model: Mini-Mobile Cell Phone Signal Booster
MSRP: $350

6. Suspension
If you plan to traverse unimproved roads, then a quality suspension should be high on your list. This H3 is equipped with Rod Hall Racing smooth body piggyback reservoir shocks. These shocks, built to Rod Hall Racing specs by Fox Racing, include a two-inch body and increased oil volume for a comfortable, fade-free ride. Light Racing JounceShocks mellow out the harshest impacts, keeping passengers isolated from the unsympathetic world outside.
Brand: Rod Hall Racing
Model: 2.0 Fox Smooth Body Piggyback Reservoir Shock
MSRP: $1,020 (set of four)
Brand: Light Racing
Model: JS System Hummer H3
MSRP: $1,452

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3 responses to “2009 Hummer H3 – Plan B Rig”

  1. mohamed bsher says:

    i like this website

  2. Max says:

    Would be cool to see you guys build a SHTF truck. Something like using an older Suburban as a platform to turn into a getaway SHTF ticket. That sounds more real than a 35k + suv that can barely fit 4 people with questionable amount of gear… if any.

  3. Keith says:

    Great choice of BOV. These things are mountain goats and have enough cargo room, especially with the rack. Max doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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  • Would be cool to see you guys build a SHTF truck. Something like using an older Suburban as a platform to turn into a getaway SHTF ticket. That sounds more real than a 35k + suv that can barely fit 4 people with questionable amount of gear... if any.

  • Great choice of BOV. These things are mountain goats and have enough cargo room, especially with the rack. Max doesn't know what he's talking about.

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