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Preview – Agency Arms G34

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Master Blaster
Another Tricked-Out Glock? We Take a Deeper Look at the Agency Arms G34.

Shooters are a passionate bunch. But even within that context, Glocks can be a divisive topic. Folks have long, drawn-out, Ford-versus-Chevy-type Internet battles simply about stock Glocks compared with other handguns. Broach the subject of customized Glocks, and let the flame wars begin. Is a Glock simply a tool? Is it worthwhile to invest in customizations and improvements to a Glock? Does the phrase “lipstick on a pig” come into play at some point? The answers to each one of these questions are, all at once, “Yes,” “No,” “It depends,” and “Who cares?” All guns are fundamentally tools, but they can be much more. Stock Glocks are great, but there’s always room for improvement depending on your intended application and budget. And this is America — if someone is willing to pay an agreed-upon price for a certain product, more power to them!

Due to their inherent design simplicity and massive following, Glocks are similar to the AR-15 platform in their LEGO-like assembly and vibrant ecosystem of aftermarket parts and suppliers. Sights aside, bone-stock Glocks are a wonderful choice for many people. With a little bit of research and mechanical aptitude, you can easily customize your Glock — we’d start with the sights, then consider tuning (see Issue 14) or replacing the trigger. Depending on your preference, you could try different types of mag releases, slide stops, and other drop-in parts.

Beyond that, you start progressing into more complicated waters with machine work, stippling (see Issue 1), and so forth — and mild to wild off-the-shelf components are widely available now. However, you’d be well advised to have a good technical understanding if you start adjusting weights, materials, springs, internals, etc. How many of us have been at the range, a class, or a match with a buddy who pulls out his trusty Glock, only to suffer constant problems. Asking him about it often results in a reply along the lines of, “Well, last night, I had it on my workbench, and I…”


Joining the Agency

Agency Arms is a relatively young enterprise, having come onto the scene at the beginning of this year, but its founders have been in the industry for quite some time. Their initial focus is on the Glock platform — they’ve designed their own flat-face trigger and low-profile magwell, and they do slide work, frame work, trigger work, and full builds.

It seems there’s no end of custom Glock builders, spanning the gamut from economical to astronomical. Agency Arms has taken an approach of offering several options, but not a bewildering array, allowing customers to mix and match slide, frame, and trigger work. Their design philosophy is to enhance the functionality of the basic Glock while retaining maximum reliability for duty and self-defense applications. They work on customer-supplied weapons, with a focus on reasonable turnaround times, open communication (you can log on to their website to track the progress of your build), strong customer service, and sense of community. Their services are by no means cheap, but others charge more. For example, a full build on a customer-supplied Glock 17 or 19 runs $1,400.


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