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Kitting Out Your Defensive Shotgun

Shotguns have been a self-defense mainstay in the U.S. since the late-19th century, when they were taken up by sheriffs, lawmen guarding stagecoaches and trains, and private citizens in the Wild West. Shotguns, whether pump-action or semi-auto, can be more advantageous if they are modified to ft a particular use or user. Whether you are guarding bank deposits or valuables in an armored car, a law-enforcement officer searching for an armed suspect,or just an ordinary citizen protecting your home, a properly set-up shotgun can be key in a successful defense.

The Remington 870 is one of the most widely owned shotguns in the nation; we’re talking millions of owners. Due to its popularity, we decided to outfit two of them with different accessories to demonstrate how versatile both the shotgun and its aftermarket accessories are. Of course, nothing takes precedence over first-hand experience in determining your own needs. The following designs may be suitable for a particular shooter or situation, so base your modifications on what you learn in defense classes and your own experience. Although we use the 870 as our base model here, remember that the enhancements can be applied to any make of pump or semiautomatic shotgun.

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