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Discreet Gun Bags Keep Your Profile Low, But Your Firearm Ready

Having a gun is one thing. Having it at the ready is another thing. And having it at the ready, but completely hidden is a whole new ballgame entirely.

Being covertly armed allows you to defend yourself and your loved ones immediately, gives you a tactical advantage should SHTF, and lets you go about your daily life without attracting unwanted attention. In Issue 8 of RECOIL, former Delta operator Mike Pannone wrote an enlightening story about calibers and carry methods for concealed-carry weapons (CCW).

For this feature, we tackle another aspect of CCW: discreet carry bags, particularly sling bags for pistols and larger packs for long-guns. So, why a backpack instead of CCWing on your body?

“Primarily, you want to create as low a signature as possible when it comes to carrying firearms,” says Chris Costa, CEO of and head instructor at Costa Ludas. As much as he prefers carrying on his body, “The Beard” acknowledges that not everyone can do so effectively — which is why he helped develop the Hive Satchel with Blue Force Gear. Despite appearing like it would fit in better at a posh European cafe than a gun range, the sling pack can hold a PDW and a pistol. “When you carry in a bag, you don’t want to have the one that screams, ‘I have a .357 Magnum!’ The more discreet, the better.”

An innocuous, well-engineered bag can help you achieve a gray-man look, so you can blend into an urban environment, but still have the tools you need at a moment’s notice.

When to Pack Heat
No Clothing Cover: With autumn upon us, it’s easy to conceal a full-size handgun in a dedicated holster by simply putting on a baggy cover garment. But how about living in warmer climes where wearing a jacket might actually draw unwanted stares rather than allowing you to be anonymous? And what about during summer? Ever try an appendix holster at the beach? Didn’t think so.

Incompatible Body Type: Another reason for a low-profile carry bag might be if you don’t have the body frame. Let’s cut the political-correctness BS and be frank: if the best shape of your life has always been “round,” there’s a chance a holstered CCW still prints regardless of the shirt you’re wearing. But a backpack can conceal your firearm, while still giving you quick access. (As a side note, we politely encourage you to check out the debut of our new PT column on page 134.)

Long-Gun Concealment: Larger covert carry bags can keep your rifles and shotguns hidden from prying eyes — be they nosey neighbors, would-be robbers, or judgmental passersby. Some low-profile rifle bags are designed to look like sports bags, hiking packs, or instrument cases.

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